Dyno results , stock engine , vortech low boost kit 343RWHP 411RWTQ

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  1. Engine is stock , E7s , stock cam , only modifications are GT40 intake , longtubes with offroad Xpipe , C&L 73mm MAF , 30lbs injectors , Trex pump and Vortech low boost kit 5-6lbs 343RWHP 411 RWTQ Tuned using Moates Quarterhorse


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  2. Those are good numbers. Check out the sticky in the 94-95 Tech section under Combo Rides RC got 386HP / 392TQ out the basically the same set up with and AOD-E. His was making 9-10psi, better meter Pro-M 80MM, Powerpipe, BBK 70MM Throttle Body. You add those and you'll be around 400HP.