Dyno Results: Tunable Induction CAI

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  1. John DeMolet from Tunable Induction approached me after I put up my post of 190RWHP, and how I was hoping for more of gain near 193. He offered to let me test his unit at no cost up front to see if I could reach my goal of 193 or better.

    So, he sent me a new TI CAI, with NKG spark plugs. I was really excited about the NKG’s because of my pending Zex order. As you can see from the photos, the MAF tube is significantly larger than the stock tube, and it is made out of carbon fiber with a huge air filter.


    Now that we have everything installed, it was time to put it on the dyno. Prior to install, we did a dyno run for comparison. Here is what the run was with the AFE:

    • 190.0 RWHP
    • 203.5 RWTQ

    Now, with the Tunable Induction CAI, we got the following:

    • 192.0 RWHP
    • 200.5 RWTQ

    And with Chris (Excessive) making some minor AF changes, the final best was:

    • 193.9 RWHP
    • 203.6 RWTQ

    On all three runs, my max power was observed at 5700 RPM. Once I get in to work, I will actually scan the dyno sheets and post them up. I am open to some suggestions on my TQ numbers, I’m really expecting more than what I have.

    Following this, I am going to give John’s (Tunable Induction) SCT tunes a try and put her on the dyno and see what we come up with. Keep in mind that Chris (Excessive) said my car was running rich which is where he prefers it. He didn’t want the car running lean, but that may have something to do with the final numbers.

    Another thing I need to do is find out what if Excessive put in the spark plugs before or after these tunes. My guess is after because I think they did the spark plugs with my Zex install. I will be contacting them shortly to find out the specifics.

    More to come on this one.

    PS: Clean engine compartment questions can be directed to the nearest brick wall. Car has been through several snow falls and I’m not cleaning it till the winter season is over. :SNSign:
  2. Although I see you have some form of heat sheild, I have noticed that with a similar set up in my Lincoln that unless you can force a little more cold air in there, it may not produce the results you want.

    Try directing some fresh air in there from the front of the car and you will likely see the TQ numbers get a little better.

    My LS baseline was 220 RWHP and 220 RWTQ prior to installing my open element and getting some cold air in there. After the intake alone, I pulled 232/230. I blocked off all ability for engine heat to get into it and forced some outside air in and ended up pulling 235/235.

    I know I am comparing a Lincoln V8 to you V6 but I thought I would share my results when it comes to air intake temps and what it does to TQ

  3. Thanks Tyler :nice: , I'll see what I can fab up. Also, I will see what John's tune does to my car.
  4. How would you force more air in there? What did you do?
  5. Rygen are you using the 87, 91, or 93 tune? I called him for the same system and he said the tune by SCT was on the safe side. He told me to call SCT and get a suggestion from them to get the most out of this system. Or you can mess around with the timing yourself, and see what happens on the dyno. But overall it seems you got good results. Keep us updated, im interested in how it reponds in the higher rpms.

  6. I'm running a 93 tune, always have with this car. John (from TI) said with my Ngk sparkplugs, I could run a little leaner to get more of a gain. I'm running pretty rich right now, so I plan to modify the tune a bit. I will keep you posted.

    However, for an auto at 193 RWHP, I can't complain. :nice:
  7. The hard part is thet although I could explain it, it would actually do little good for you folks since our cars are so very different.

    The jist of it is that I routed tubing from the front of the car to the intake area. Sealed off the intake from the rest of the engine compartment and now it can only draw outside air. Open element filters are worthless inside the engine compartment often hurting performance more than helping.

    Fresh air is a good thing.
  8. I'm anxious to see just what A/F the tune ended up at.

    Did the tuner leave it rich with the upcoming ZEX setup?

    As far as forcing more air in note that this system is a 'draw through' system and the metered airflow is just that 'metered airflow'. Ram air isn't applicable to a draw through system. The key is to have the filter area blocked off from the exhaust heat and I extended the TB pipe as far as possible to place the filter in the coolest location and it will be drawing cool air with the Mustang 'in motion' while allowing the filter to breathe, not blocked by an airbox. This custom GT filter will also be breathing from the front 'inner cone' area.
    These attributes and the fact that the thickness and the material construction of the TB pipe will operate much, much cooler than a metal TB pipe will not show up on the dyno......But will make a BIG DIFFERENCE in everyday driving.

    I'll email the SCT tunes, which are more conservative than an 'at the edge' racing tune, but are not rich. Our prototype tester attained 208 rwhp with a tune that wasn't rich but was not too lean either WITHOUT the NGKs.

    The NGK iridiums can be run with +2 degress more advance while not introducing detonation as compared to the factory or other plugs.
    +2 degrees is substantial and the tunability with the Xcal2 will be a big advantage...while delivering a nice mileage increase at a cruise.

    When the ZEX is tested the 'triple tune combo' will offer a much more comprehensive performance package at a price much less than what the competition would offer all three components at.:nice:
  9. Ok, here is some more information. Results are before the sparkplugs, and chris did tune it rich for the zex install. My zex is actually installed, but the main control unit was bad, so they had to ship it back to zex for a new one. I will get dyno results for the zex on this setup shortly.
  10. Got my tune from John DeMolet today (tunable inductions) and just loaded it up on my XCAL2. Will give it a try tonight and post some results. This tune should also have optimization for the spark plugs.