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  1. The Steeda, Roush and BBK pulleys don't include alt. pulleys for the S-197 Mustang their available in only the waterpump and crank pulley that also allows the re- use of the stock serpentine belt and the Roush pulleys are also SFI approved.
  2. what brand of puller did you guys use?
  3. I used the a standard 3 prong puller. Went to Autozone, rented it (they charge like $100 for the rental but you get it all back once you return the kit), and viola, done.
  4. autozone charged me about $60 for the puller, and about $40 for the installer.

    ask for the chrysler harmonic balancer puller. many of the employees cant figure out which one you need unless you specify the chrysler puller.

    i think the installer is universal.
  5. Good points bigcat- I should specify that the kit I rented/returned for $100 included the puller and installer. And I had to look at it first and have them get me their 2nd kit to make sure it would work before I got it home.
  6. i am pretty sure these are the numbers you need.

    balancer installer – 27144
    balancer puller - 27139


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  7. where did you buy them?
  8. me? i rented them as well from autozone...

    the tool guys have them as well, just a little more expensive.
  9. i have the seeda underdrive pullies in my 06 gt and i have no negative effects at all... my car revs alot faster now with them on and i recomend them to any one!
  10. So, are the honestly worth the $200, or should that money be spent elsewhere?
  11. That's a loaded question, because what else besides an offroad pipe or delete plates can you buy for $200 that's gonna add any performance lol? You can buy gears for $175 that will make a much bigger difference, but it will cost you $250 for installation.
  12. HMMMM -- sorry.

    I currently Have 4.30 gears, JLT, Bama Torque tune, O/R h-pipe, and some CMCVs awaiting install this spring.

    I guess my question should be this: If I invest $200 in a performance mod, I would like to feel the difference, and I get mixed reviews on whether or not you actually feel the difference after installing the UDPs.

  13. Great mods! Its just my opinion, but with those mods I doubt you'll find the pullies to be a huge difference- I know I didn't. I had intake, tune, offroad pipe, and 4.10s and when I installed my pullies, the car revved faster and therefore seemed to excellerate faster but I wouldn't call it a night & day difference. Especially if you're gonna install all of those mods at one time.

    If I could do it over again, I would buy just the Steeda crank pully and do the Meziere electric water pump. Most people that I know personnally have said that the combo gained them 15 to 20 rwhp. You can buy the combo for like $525 I think.
  14. HAHA, I actually already have all those mods on my car except for the CMCVs.

    There are some UDPs on LFP for only like $170, and if you can actually feel the car revving faster, then it might be worth it. I just wish I knew exactly how they changed the car's feeling after adding them. I know it won't be night and day, like after m 4.30s went on, but I'm still looking for some extra oomph, especially for around town driving.

    These are the LFP UDPs (do they look like cheap quality?)....
  15. Ok, I gotcha now! :D

    I would do the pullies- your car will rev quicker, plus when I added mine I got 2-3 more mpg so that will help with your gears. I don't know about those pullies from LFP, but I know you can get the Steeda pullies for $199 delivered from Brenspeed and I have no problems at all recommending the Steedas.
  16. i installed the roush pullies after a CAI/tune, but could still feel a big difference in acceleration. the car revs so much faster now. like tom said, i dont know if you would notice a huge difference, since you have 4.30s.

    with that being said, i will be going 4.30s sometime soon and i dont think the pullies would be a waste with the gears. for about $200 and an hour labor, it is well worth it to me.
  17. Yeah, that's the only thing. If the only way that you really FEEL the UDPs is with the engine revving faster, then I don't see how I could notice it with my 4.30s.

    Honestly, parts of me wish that I went 4.56s just because I'm mostly around-town driving and my highway driving RPMs are not nearly as bad as everyone constantly harps about.

    The 4.30s are the only reason as to why I'm hesitant to the UDPs, simply becaue I doubt that I would notice them. And I would love to put that money towards something else, but most everything else is a lot more expensive.

    Being a college student, working full time to pay for the car, trying to mod the car, and spending the greater part of my income on the girlfriend doesn't make for a very satisfied car enthusiast.

    Just some more cool info... I recently got my 1.5"/2" lowering springs, 17x9 black bullits/18x10 deep-dishs, and 295/35-18 Toyo T1-Rs and let me tell you, those tires are fugging huge. Needless to say, I got a wonderful "that could've all been a necklace" comment from the ball-and-chain, which consequently lead to a nice short break in the relationship!

    Bros before hoes? I prefer to stick with the one that gives me less trouble (my car)...
  18. I was just going to compliment both of you for going with 4.30's. That's the only thing I wish I would've done differently with my car, but it may end up being a blessing since I'm looking at a blower and the lower gears are just going to make traction even harder.

    BTW, if your chick would rather that you spend your money on her directly instead of on your "real love" (ok, maybe "hobby" would suffice), then move on.

    Remember when you have a Mustang, you don't need a John Deere to pull hoes!

  19. I installed them last night, I can feel the difference and the car is much smoother. I would recommend this mod to anyone.
  20. good deal :)