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  1. Unfortunately I was unable to finish do to a bad air/fuel mixture because the stock fuel pump & possible vacuum leak I got to fix first but I did manage to get a few test runs in, one of wich (Not Pictured) I pulled 295, once I'm done I should expect somewhere around 300.

  2. you have 3 runs pictured and they are within .10's of each other yet you have another run (not pictured) where you say you made 295? :bs: Sorry bro but no way you are making 295 to the wheels on that combo.........no way. alot of us were born at night but not last night.......lol

    your 272 sounds pretty accurate to me, especially since you are running the stock cam, so why lie about it?
  3. Are you kidding,

    They made about a dozen passes, 6 of wich while I was there, once I got there the very first run they made one of the guys walked over from the monitor & told me it was 295, he even said it will get abit better still, Call me a lier. :notnice:

    Such generous people on these forums then comes some #@% with this childish $hit, Grow Up !!! :nonono:
  4. Never ceases to amaze me - our combos are almost identical, and you're making a full 50 more HP at peak than me, and 30 more ft-lbs. of torque. Go figure....
  5. you make me laugh dude. I am 31 years old and you??? childish **** huh?? the only childish **** around here is you lying.

    and as for "generous people" on these boards, if you look to the left of this post you will see that I have made 940 contributions here, I have earned mine......trust me. How about you? :rlaugh:
  6. 31, Hey young man, it ever accure to you that maybe I'm not lieing but maybe the dyno shop, but no you insist calling me a lier, real mature there for a 31 year old...
  7. Point out to me where I hurt your feelings by calling you names. I saw B.S and I called you on it, so did Michael Yount, and so will everyone else who sees this post.

    You will learn sooner or later that either you need a thicker skin to be here, or simply don't be here because you will get your feelings hurt an awful lot when others think something you said was crap.
  8. I suggest you reread because your very first post you called me a lier.

    Call bull**** all you want but calling me a lier because you think the what was told to me don't sound right :notnice:
  9. I know what I said in my post but if you "reread" your post you said I was calling you "names" which would suggest more than one. I merely stated that without a dyno sheet you quote something that we all told you on your other post the other day before getting dyno'd that you would not hit the 300 rwhp mark. that is 350 at the flywheel which you are not even clost to getting. you thought that it was as simple as adding numbers and someone corrected you that it wasn't that simple. you thought you had 400 by adding numbers and thought "at least 300".

    It just didn't make any sense that you say they make a dozen runs but in your first post you said you couldn't finish due to a fuel problem. if that was the case how did you make a dozen runs?
  10. Oh now I got to explain,

    I was called stating there was a lean mixture & they can not get it right & I need a Pro-M mass air meter so I said ok & was there in 20 minutes with the meter, they install & make a run, the assistant immediately walks up to me & says that made a difference, that run made 295, then after about 5 more runs & a bunch of adjustments & tests the owner tells me he still can not get it because the lack of fuel from the stock fuel pump & possibly a vacuum leak aswell so I said ok.

    That fuel your tonka truck there mr. maturity, if you want you can call Turbo Connections & ask to talk to the guy that told me it was 295, then you can call him a lier too :rolleyes:

    While your @ it you mine as well call Mustangs & Fast Fords magazine & tell em that his 1990 they featured (1,100 Hp Black Beast) is not 1,100 Hp he's a lier aswell :rlaugh:
  11. :: pops some popcorn and watches ::
  12. ::Takes a seat beside ARed1995GT and asks for some pop corn.::
  13. Shut the hell up with the "lying" accusations. This is why I'm really starting to get sick of other mustang drivers. Everybody has an attitude, and everybody has to cut you down when you say something. Yes, his numbers sound too high for P heads and cobra intake, but maybe they goofed something at the dyno shop. He does have dyno sheet proof showing 30 more horses than you though Yount.
    3 problems I have though, where are the dyno sheets for the 295, and how did you muster up a Pro-M and drive to the place in 20 minutes. If you had it sitting around, why didnt you put it on in the first place?
    Lastly, where are you getting a lean condition and did they say anything about an adjustable FPR because thats where I would have started. I see lean at low rpms but that wouldnt be from a fuel pump. Your AF doesnt change from 4500 to 6000 so why if its so lean, are they pulling it max rpm? Your combo isnt going to make much power past 5500 anyways so why the worry about A/F. I dont see how a Pro-M is going to fix a lean condition that isnt really there. The red line seems pretty good and a vast improvement over the other runs. Do you have an AFPR and did they play with FP? If so, what did they set it at? Lastly, do you have a cam because 347 flywheel horsepower is hard to swallow with a stock cam.
  14. I see the same things around here, Smock. It's BS that other people have to bash others. He's going on what he 'says' the people told him. So leave it at that. This is retarded how you all have to get up everyones ass. Is it resentment because your cars don't make the power you wish/think it should? I call BS on all you that are calling BS on him. He posted for some answers or comments, not trying to make him look like an *******. Now THAT'S bull****.
  15. Just a looking at the dyno sheet and I would have to say your lean issue will do nothing for your peak rwhp. Your lean issue is in the bottom of the pull. At peak rwhp you fuel is right on. Every now and then you will get a bogus run. I think the point that was trying to be made above is you have 3 pulls within 1 hp pf each other so there is no way you could have a accurate pull of 295 rwhp. That is where I see any issue, I don't think we need to argue this fact but it makes more sense in my eyes. Can you make 295rwhp, sure with more tuning and a cam, are you making it now? With what's mentioned above I would have to say no. I hope this kinda clears up the issues from above.
  16. I do not have the cast iron heads guy, I got aluminum y303's, I picked up the pro-m @ mustang corral http://www.mustangcorral.com/ wich is on the way to the dyno , I do have a fuel pressure regulator & it's currently turned all the way down "open", that's why he said I needed another fuel pump & the fact that he had a guage duct taped to my winshield as he made passes, I'm supposed to be @ like 13:1 he said & as you see I am @ 14-16:1, hope I get 295 when it's done but either way I will add a few more horses that's for sure maybe not 295 but pretty close, eitherway I'm happy & thanks, will post final results shortly. :nice:

  17. Ray is saying that a guy at the shop told him it hit 295. No need to dispute this fact (that the guy walked over and told him...). I fully expect this did happen.

    Unfortunatly, it's the content of the message that is disputed (the 295 hp).

    I'd be stokin happy with 272. 295 and I'd wet myself :D

    Awful lot of agression on the board tonight. Hey! Take it to the track.
  18. I was called stating there was a lean mixture & they can not get it right & I need a Pro-M mass air meter so I said ok & was there in 20 minutes with the meter, they install & make a run, the assistant immediately walks up to me & says that made a difference, that run made 295

    so you say you magically just picked up the meter and had it to the shop in 20 minutes. Now you say you got it from a website and on its way. :shrug: Make up your mind...
  19. Are YOU retarded or can you NOT read that he said "I picked up the Pro-M, which is on the way to the dyno" He gave us the web address just to give it to us. Jesus you all are rediculous. Get a damn life and get off this guys back!
  20. stop waisting time on lame ass posts and answer some questions. That goes for all of you except the popcorn guys.