Dyno #'s are in.

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  1. Dyno #s where pretty good. With no tuning or chip the first pull was 302Hp/327Tq But running somewhat lean. Finally ended up with a max of 306.5Hp/329.4Tq (std) 298.5/320.9 (sae) Stock 120k short short block and off the shelf cam With H/C/I I picked up 92hp 52tq. Mods are in sig.

    My idle is fine now, took around 200-300 miles to learn, no stalling or bucking. I can cruise along at 1500 rpm with no problems. Awesome driveability I can drive spirited and still stay under 3k, lots and lots of torque. I hit the timing dead on when I put the motor back together and all that was adjusted was the fuel pressure. Im pretty happy with the results. At this point I dont think I will chip the car. Doesn't seem to need it. All pulls where over 300 std. or 295 sae. This is the exact level of my LS1 when it was stock.

    Stock Dyno

    First Pull (no tuning)

    Final Pull

    On the Dyno
  2. Cool in N/A form I dynoed at 292 HP / 312 TQ and we have the same cam. Those are awesome numbers, congrats.
  3. Nice numbers!!!
  4. Nice numbers, they might dyno the same, but Im sure the LS1 wouldnt have a chance.
  5. i would say i hate you, but i think loathe is a better word,

    congrats on the #'s jealousy isnt the word,
    i do have a Q though, how does is feel to spend all that money and only equal the ls1's stock power? just curious.
  6. What type of heads do you have AFR?
  7. Feels just fine. I think of the Camaro as a distance runner, a better highway car The Mustang is more like a sprinter, quick off the line and good in much shorter distances. Its louder and more agressive looking. The Camaro is best out on the long open roads for real speed runs and distance driving. I find the both a blast to drive. :banana: :flag: American cars are my favorite and both are old school pushrods :worship:

    AFR 165 Pedastal mount 60cc. I would HIGHLY recomment the stud mount heads for ease of valve train alignment. Its worth the extra money of inital setup to have them.
  8. Nice numbers - I like the look of that torque curve nice and flat. Amazing how is compares to the stock torque curve where it falls off like a cliff 3700RPM!!
  9. Looks good, now go get some tires and get yourself into the 12's... You'll be there no problem..
  10. Ya Baby....Nice power... :nice:
  11. Very nice numbers for that relatively "mild" cam. Glad to hear the torque was good down low- very important for street driveability.
  12. Matt-Is the Crower cam you installed emissions legal?
  13. Yes the Crower 15511 is emissions legal, I dont have the CARB # but it is milder than the E Cam.
    My car is a California car that is no longer in Cali, but I am in a Virginia County that requires thr rolling IM240 emissions test.
  14. Matt

    Congrats & Nice Pull

    Very good looking torque curve

    I like that cam!!!

    It was on my short list but decided to go with [email protected] FTI.

    That torque is gonna be fun on the street!

  15. After seeing that graph, I think I just found my future combo. Nice #'s!
  16. I'm assuming the 'Cobra RR's' are the 1.72? What size of combustion chamber did you get w/ the AFR's? Are they stud or pedestal mount? Thanks, I plan on doing the swap this coming spring.
  17. Would the E-303 have more power since it isn't as "mild"? How is the idle on the Crower? Nice and loppey or smooth? I guess I'm asking if the car actually sounds cammed out or not?