Dyno Tune Gain?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Codydubb, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. How much more power should i expect to gain from a dyno tune with a custom burned chip? My wife is letting me get a dyno tune with a custom burned chip for my birthday and i was undecided whether i wanted to spend the money on that or spend it somewhere else. My current setup is Edelbrock Performer HCI 24# injectors 70 mm BBK TB 80mm ProM MAF TKO 600 355s on a A9l computer. the dyno tune and chip is going to run around $400 just trying to spend my money wisely
  2. Did you ever get it tuned?
  3. for years my buddies and i tuned our forced induction cars so that they lived and driveability, not power. because in a poweradder car peak power will burn them down. i have the wideband and access to the dynojet anytime i want. that being said the best place to tune an NA car is at the track. can the dyno tune make more power, sure. but its not likely it will be fastest with that same tune. IMO, unless you need driveability issues fixed, take the car to the track with your timing light, FP gauge and AFPR and play with those and shift point and launch. you will get more out of that in terms of ET than you will from a dyno tune IMO.
  4. do it for piece of mind (Iron Maiden) my NA car made 25 more hp on dyno, even if you only get a couple more hp its worth it for driveability issues. Hopefully after tune you will be driving car for years its worth it knowing all is well

    LOL just saw the date of thread i guess its a done deal
  5. My buddy dynoed his 306 with the holley sytemax kit on it, Before tune it had 275 Hp at the rear tires and after tune it was at 313 hp. A guy by the name of Justin Kalwei tuned it out of Kansas City Mo