Dyno tune tomorrow!!

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  1. WHats up guys, bout to get a dyno tomorrow. Im pretty excited. Just wanted to know what u guys think my numbers will turn out to be (look at sig for the mods)?? and what would my quarter times come out to be??? Well ill keep you guys posted and tell you the results.
  2. How many #s are you running? :shrug:

    My guesses:

    rwhp = 240

    1/4 = 13s
  3. ljkl;jl;kj
  4. Okay, that makes sense. :rolleyes:
  5. ^^^^:rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :Teh-Win:


    i'm guessing around 250 rwhp & 275 rwtq... right in that ball park. 1/4 times will be in the low 14's maybe high 13's
  6. SO here are the results:
    194.1 RWHP
    240.1 RWTQ

    It was not that bad... i actually like the result knowing that i have not done anything to the engine.. Next up engine upgrade... now unto 250-300rwhp!!

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  7. What mods did you have?
  8. dont u have a blower tho? :shrug:
  9. Look at my sig on the first post..
  10. I have a 98...stock 150hp(more like 130rwhp)... so gaining like 60+ rwhp...i think itspretty decent... but engine upgrade will wake it up and make the sc more effective when i run more boost... current boost at 8-9 psi..
  11. How much boost are you running? I'm at 11 lbs. and had 287 hp at the rear wheels.

  12. Im running 8psi... i like your numbers @ 11 psi.. are you also intercooled??? Hopefully i can run 11-12 in the future w/ an intercooler....but im taking a break from modding till probably early next year.

  13. *yawn* 280 rwhp stock for me *yawn*

    :rlaugh: ...J/K, it's not a bad result since you have all stock internals and no porting done, swap out the intakes to the split-port ones off the '99+ v6 and that'll help you more than you know:nice: check out these two places...



    I've ordered a few parts from both of them in the past and they do really good work!:nice:
  14. I have two programs with the chip, one with the current setup with the dyno numbers...and one with different and i can run 100 octane race gas... how much more rwhp and rwtq can i get with the second program???
  15. Maybe 10 - 20 at the most. It's a older single portV6 and unless you do some Cams, heads & porting you reall aren't going to see higher numbers
  16. Yeah, I'm intercooled. After I get done working on the other cars, I'll work on getting the 3 core intercooler and mount an electric fan on it, so I can keep the intake charge cool while in the staging lanes.

    For now, I'll probably take a break from the V6 since I just rolled over 100,000 miles (45,000 procharged miles)
  17. JUNK!

    You spent all that money on a supercharger and only have 190 rwhp! Save your money, sell the V6 and buy a GT or a Mach1 or a Cobra. All of them have a lot more hp stock. Stop wasting your money on trying to make that V6 ricer fast.

  18. Man I wish I had a GT:rolleyes:

  19. I wish I had an K & N filter...
  20. ^^ AHAHAH OWNED by a 6'er:SNSign: