Dyno tune w/o chip? (w/ boost)

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mob, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys I am going to be running a single turbo with 42lbers and 255 pump and AEM wideband. I have a couple basic tunning questions. First is can I get a proper tune done by a shop on a dyno without having to pay a million dollars for them to burn me a chip?

    If I buy a moates QH are they able to use that to tune instead of burning a new chip? I realize the point of the QH is to be able to tune it yourself but can they use it?

    Also I have heard of people having good luck running the car with boost with the spout out. Will I be able to adjust the timing with the QH so I wont need to do this? Or will I need a BTM anyways even with the QH?

    I think thats all I got for now, hopefully these are some legitimate questions you guys can help me out with. Thanks.
  2. What MAF are you going to run ? I would advise a 90mm lightning , or even a SCT or Sniper MAF meter
  3. It will be blow through so I was thinking the LMAF or the pmas Pro tube. Is there a big difference between the 90mm and 80mm LMAF besides the size? the 80mm go for cheap and if it will work that fits my budget better. I replied to your PM also. Thanks.
  4. Draw thru would be better with the 90mm LMAF
  5. What about the 80mm though? Whats the difference? Like I said the 80mm is probably what I can afford.
  6. Your already putting some cash into this, dont go cheap now. Spend the money and have it tuned and dynoed the proper way. Trust me you will be happier in the long run.
  7. The 90mm is less than $100 and you're throwing the budget flag up?
  8. Well the 80mm goes for like 45 bucks so yes I am. Can someone tell me the difference other than just the size?

    I havent spent much money, and I am on a budget. I have only spent about 600 bucks and the only thing I need to get this car running is MAF, injectors, a BOV and a tune.

  9. for this part i would see if anyone in your area ( who will be dynoing your car ) has ever used moates qh. if not i would tune with something the shop is used to using or find someone who knows and understands not only tuning with moates but how far you can really go with your motor as wel.