Dyno Tune!!!!!!!!

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  1. Just wanted to make everyone drool....or give me props, one or the other. Went to a tuner in Columbus, OH and these guys did some amazing stuff. I was having some major drivability issues with the car, now, there's no stopping it. If anyone is around Columbus at all, I'd highly recommend these guys www.lasotaracing.com

    For those of you who have recently bought superchargers/turbos, the spark plug gap does make an EXTREME difference. I had my plugs at stock gap (my bad) and I got screwed at the auto parts store and got platinum plugs (don't use em with power adders). I had extremely rich conditions and spark blow out at anything about 7#. Gapped down to .025 and she runs like a champ now. Nice!

    At least now I know the car will do well over 130 mph (for the mods, this was all done inside strapped onto a dyno, not on the streets)

    Amazingly 368.5 ft/lbs. TQ @ 97.0 mph (doesn't list RPMS, RPM function was down at time of test)
    252.8 RWHP @ 129.0 mph

    For some reason, they said my car was giving off some extreme interference and the inductive wire (clips onto spark plug wires) was reading around 11,000 rpms at idle

    All I have done: 11# procharger/Kirban AFPR/Pro-M Univer. MAF/42# injectors/side exhaust (no cats)
  2. So you picked up ~160rwhp and ~170rwtq on just the 11psi kit?? Gotta say that's the first time I've ever seen numbers that high, especially from a single port. Thats like, 14.5 hp/psi of boost. Are those SAE numbers? Either way, congrats man. Excellent numbers. Can you post the graph...I'm interested to see how the curve looks.
  3. i know the tuners told me that had my timing messed up a bit to prevent detonation, but they said that it would increase the boost readings (don't know how that works)

    not SAE numbers......from a Mustang Dynamometer, engine was warm

    I just can't get the second page to scan right......it has the AFR volts/total power/test time/speed all on one graph. Kinda unhappy that I didn't get one of the printouts with the RPM's and such
  4. Those are some great numbers for a 98! Is you rear still stock? I’d be interested in seeing you ¼ mile times.
  5. I'm not really sure what they meant with the timing and boost readings. If they changed the timing to prevent detonation, then they retarded it but that would have caused a loss in HP/TRQ??? Ah well...I too would want an rpm readout. The thing with speeds is just not what I am used to seeing. did they say that it was just not working then or that it never does? If its just temporary, I give them a call back soon and ask them if therpm problem got fixed. If so, schedule yourself one more appointment if you'd like and get a real printout. either way...congrats on the numbers. How does she drive? When do you really start tp make boost and @ what rpm are you making your peak boost, redline? Sorry for the questions...my blower is going in this weekend so I am just trying to get a feel for what to expect.
  6. When a car has forced induction retarding the timing doesn’t necessarily result in a loss of power. In my case it was the opposite.
  7. My honda had 500 at the wheels. I didn't need a dyno becouse I know how to do it all in my head.. I had a intake, super large wing and some weird yellow tent..

    On a real note those are some IMPRESSIVE numbers.
  8. They said that my car was the only one that wasn't able to read RPM's. They kept moving the sensor from plug wire to plug wire trying to get a stable readout, but it wasn't working. They said it was possibly my aftermarket (Bosch) wires giving off too much RFI. They were setting off my cam position sensor (supposedly, no longer get that code).


    Driveability is great.....she idles like a champ, even with 42# injectors. Part throttle will snap your neck, and full throttle puts your teeth in the back seat (when it hooks up). I'm still looking for an 8.8" rear......no time to get it installed now anyway. I'm reading boost at all times. I didn't give a crap about vacuum readings, so I set the boost fitting right before the MAF. At idle I'm at about 1#. From about 2700 rpms and up it climbs to 11#'s. Redline is at like 4700 from the factory, I usually shift at about 4000 though. At the dyno, it was being run at 5000 rpms and blew the intake tube off (whoops)
  9. That car was tight when we put the blower on, I cant' wait till I come home for that week, so I can see what she'll do now, maybe we can trade?? You want an SHO?, hehe