Dyno tuner advised me to ditch the PRO-M

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by bcam347, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. his words "Ford MAF meters are always recommended for any application. Since the advent of devices that can manipulate the MAF signal, and then making the necessary PCM calibrations changes, you can support 800+ rwhp. C&L or Pro-M MAF’s are always a second choice, as they usually produce an inconsistent / improper signal. "

    Suggested I buy a 80mm lightning unit. anyone agree?

    tuning a 347 with aluminum heads, 30lbs injectors, 75mm pro-m thats running great right now
  2. If it's running great, then leave it alone. If you make changes in the future and the Pro-M turns out to be a problem then, replace it.
  3. Run from this guy, he's trying to sell you a chip. C&L seriously? The worst meter available. If this was a 96 or newer I could buy into the lightning meter, but not on a fox.

    If anything you could probably use a larger meter, look for a 95mm velocity.

    And for the record, ford meters are usually pegged around 450rwhp, far from 800.

    Honestly, this guy has no clue, probably hasn't been in business for long enough to be working on a fox, guys from the 96 and newer era should not work on foxbody's.
  4. Just my .02, back in the day, the Pro-M was the best meters out there, C&L then came out with their interchangable tubes, etc. I never had problems with Pro-M, their drivability and making the horsepower was the best, there wasnt anything else that could have done it. Keep in mind we were running single digit 1/4 mile times, and drove them on the street all over the place. We did have to send them back in for recalibration when we changed injectors, etc. Nowadays, there is alot of other quality meters out there (I heard the ABACO was a great meter), but didnt try them yet. And I will continue to run the Pro-M too.
  5. I thought the point was that the OP was getting a dyno tune?

    There is nothing wrong with a ProM meter, unless it's too small.
    If buying a new lightning MAF, I would just go with the 90mm LMAF

    But I haven't seen any justification for changing the MAF in your post.
  6. I agree with the tuner if I didn't already have the PRo-M

    I'd rather use a Ford meter with a tune, over an aftermarket meter "calibrated" for injector size...ESP if I'm getting the tune anyway. I prob would have bought an 80mm lightning MAF, showed up, swapped it out and then dyno tuned and them sold off the pro-m
  7. Asking someone to change their MAF that doesn't cause any problems when you're already tuning is just a tuner being lazy. Tell them that's what you have, and unless they're willing to swap in a LMAF for nothing, then keep the Pro-M and let them tune it.
  8. I also agree with some of the tuner's statements regarding the Ford MAFs, and yes you can make 800rwhp by manipulating the EEC, apparently. Don't fix what ain't broke, though. Your Pro-M is working fine. There is nothing wrong with their meters, and so far as I can tell, they're as reliable as factory.

  9. Personally Id take a Prom_m meter any day, they actually do some of the work and development with FORD Motor Company. I tend to have issues with the Lightning Meters and overrun them easily on anything over 500hp.

    I use the Pro-M 75mm, 80mm, 92mm and blowthrough protubes very often with no issues....
  10. Find a tuner that will use the current Pro-M that's on the car