Dyno yesterday 271 RWHP/311 RWTQ!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by 03trubluGT, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. I took the car to Speedworks in Lewisville yesterday.

    I have the following mods:

    BBK LTs
    BBK OffroadX
    Magnaflow SS Catback
    Modular Depot P&P upper plenum
    Accell Kool Blue filter (with snorkel on)
    Steeda UD Pulleys

    I dynod at 271 RWHP and 311 RWTQ!

    SAE corrected numbers were 260 HP and 298 TQ.

    I'm pretty happy with these numbers, as standard (with 15% drivetrain loss) would be 305.8 HP and 365 TQ at the crank!

  2. wow thats really hight for the mods you have
  3. Damn, those are great #'s :eek:


  4. My car is a really strong factory freak. I dynod 232 RWHP and 274 RWTQ SAE Corrected stock.

    I guess I just got lucky.

    really, only 28 HP gain for my money is pretty expensive.

  5. Yeah... LTs, o/r X, pulleys, and plenum, only 28 HP? :scratch:
  6. That sounds about right, the exhaust and plenum would be worth about that much again with a blower... :nice:
  7. I have the dyno at home, I could post it, but I haven't figured out the Runviewer from Dynojet yet...

  8. Nice numbers! I'm hoping for 275rwhp after I get my flip chip. I dynoed 264rwhp with a nitrous tune but then again I do have a little more mods.
  9. Nice, that's right about what I have. I don't think your numbers are too high at all, after looking at the SAE corrected numbers.

    Good numbers overall, though. :nice:
  10. i hate it how i got the heat
  11. Sweet! I wish I had the money to do those mods now...

  12. :shrug: ??????????????????????

  13. long story, but nice numbers welcome to the 271 club :D

  14. I take it you got flamed from peeps not believing your numbers. They can call b.s. if they want, I have the dyno and witnesses to back it up.

    I'm happy with my measly 260/298 though... I think I'm gonna decide my next mod very carefully.

  15. Numbers look real good...i would have guessed 255 with your mods. BTW, what was the point in posting the non-correct numbers? Just curious