Dyno'd My 2012 Gt

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  1. First off, the engine is stock, manual, 19" wheels, and factory tune. I did two pulls with 87 octane and two with 93 the next night. the correction factor was 1.02 on the first night and 1.03 on the second night. So no real diffence there.
    87 : HP= 371.16, Torque= 352.98
    93: HP=374.54, Torque= 358.94

    I'm going to go ahead and say that Ford left a lot on the table in the stock tune, my engine is tuned for 87 me thinks :)
  2. Are you sure the second run was on all-93 octane? I'm not sure how you did that, overnight.

    I would want to allow for several days to a week between runs, to make sure the engine is fully "set" for 93 oct.

    FWIW, those numbers are almost exactly what I got with a dyno. on my car, too. ;)
  3. Did you use 93? I can't imagine that it would take long to adjust to 93. But, I will run 93 over the weekend and run it next week :)

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  4. The main thing is: was your fuel tank almost empty when you put the 93 in? Otherwise you had a mix of 87+93. ;)
  5. Burned her down till I saw 9 miles till empty. Put 1.5 gallons of 93 in. burned it down to 9 miles left, then filled her up with 93. Drive her hard for 30 miles. Should have been very close to 93.

    To be honest, driving the two octane levels back to back. The 93 just felt a tiny bit smoother. But, that could have easily been all in my mind.

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  6. I don't imagine that the octane based changes are part of a long-term strategy. It's likely that it simply allows more spark advance (less knock retard), which would happen instantaneously.
  7. What Dyno was used for those numbers?
  8. I burned the 87 down until I had 10 miles until empty. Put in 1.5 gallons of 93, then drove around until I had 9 miles until empty. Filled her up with 93 and drove around for 30 or so miles and then ran her on the dyno. And it was on a Dynojet.
  9. Agree, but I don't want any arguments. I seen a few posters who talk about only putting 93 in their cars, I wanted to know for sure if there was any real gain to be had in using 93 in a stock car. I'm going to say that it is minimal and not worth using with out a tune. Another thing that was interesting, at about 6500ish, the A/F was getting rich. Ford left some on the table with the stock tune, and it makes the large gains from a CAI and a tune from some of the reputable companies like Steeda, AM, ect. much more believable.
  10. Side note, are the 2013 recommending running 91 octane? Wayne, the guy with the dyno, has a new crate Coyote motor and it recommends 91 octane. My owners manual recommends 87. I am wondering if the 2013 5.0 are tuned for 91 and that is where the 420 HP comes from?
  11. They recommend at least 89. Not 91. Never e 85
  12. From 87 to 89, that would be the tuning change they mention in the literature? The crate engine instructions state to use 91, another tune maybe?

    Interesting, but not to important. What I have learned from this is to stick to 87 until I upgrade my tune :)
  13. Wow...impressive RWHP #'s from a stock motor. These new 5.0's are making me think about getting back in the game after several years away.

    Can anyone tell me what its taking to get these cars to 400rwhp. Simple bolt-ons? Tune?
    Without touching the internals of the engine at all, what about to get to 500rwhp. How many lbs of boost?

    Lastly...the poster's car with 370+ rwhp, what would something like that run in the 1/4 given decent traction with drag radials? ET and Trap please.

  14. the car can run or 87 and i believe something like a 10-12 hp loss over using 91
  15. So that would mean that with a 15% drive train loss your engine is actually at 440 hp!! That is impressive. I drove a Coyote back in March and I couldn't believe how fast it was!!
  16. Yeah, I am in love with this car. I love driving it. I live for my next track outing. Can't wait to get it out on a road course or autocross course :D

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  17. No that is wrong lol
  18. Elaborate, please.
  19. Wow, impressive numbers. I cant wait to get mine strapped to the dyno before I start buying mods.