Dyno'd the car tonite.

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  1. Well made a couple pulls on they dyno, not real thrilled about the numbers, but so far of all the cars they have dyno'd seem to be about 30rwhp/lb.ft off from very similar combos. Oh well I had to drive for about 35 mins and the car was only able too cool down while they strapped it down. Final numbers were 239.11 rwhp and 272.94 lb/ft. :nice:
  2. Hmmm......you're right, I would have been expecting at least 260 out of that. What was your A/F ratio? Can you post a picture of the graph?

    What size injectors do you have?
  3. Here is the graph.
  4. I still have the stock T-body, MAF, and injectors. So far he has dyno'd one 2.80 pullied 03 cobra, and a stock 92 GT, and a stock 00 trans am. The 03 did 420/440, the 92 pulled down 180/270, and the trans am did 280/310. Most of the 03s that live about 3 hrs from here (but they only have a 2.93 pulley) here are in the 460-70 rwhp and 470-80 lb/ft. I would have expected the LS1 to pull right about 300rwhp also. Who knows, I think I may have to drive the 3hrs and make a pull on that dyno, I know its a Dyno jet like the one here, but I think they are different models?
  5. On my first run, I don't have a graph of it, but the lines were super shaky, and just didn't pull as hard. Time for some more fine tuning and a couple more upgrades along with a custom tune to she what she will do.
  6. I see no graph.
  7. Forget this one.
  8. How about a pic of the full graph.
  9. **** I give up. That link isn't working.
  10. Yeah seems like there is some type of tunning issue there, w/ my mods you only pulled 8 more RWHP and I pulled 13 more FT LBS of TQ
  11. Yikes, that is way low man. Look at mine in the sig. What was ur A/F ratio like??? What about timing??
  12. The dyno owner doesn't have his A/F equipment up yet. He just got everything up and going yesterday. I knew those numbers were low, especially when my friends 03 Cobra w/ a BBK CAI, 2.80 pulley and o/r H only pulled 420/440 when many, many others are churning out 460-470 w/ same tq. with a 2.93 pulley?? I don't know. Also my car isn't tuned at all. I just have the timing at 14 and fuel press. at idle is 33lbs.
  13. White devil, what is your timing and fuel press. set at?
  14. I have it at 14 degrees, and 42psi no vacuum, thats with #19 injectors though(dont know what u have) . Not sure what it is at idle with the vacuum on. My air fuel was 13.7:1 almost all the way through my dyno run. I also have the fuel pump which helps it from dropping off.
  15. My fuel pressure is 33 with no vaccum, I still have the stock 19# inj. also. I don't know, maybe dyno operator error? Oh well I am going to try and set something up at another dyno about 3 hrs. from here and see how big a difference, if any there is. They are two different models of Dynojets.
  16. You definently need to turn your fuel pressure up.Id set it at least 42 with the vacuum on at idle and go from there.
  17. Yeah im surprised your not pingin really bad up top with on 33psi no vacuum. Turn that up a little man.
  18. Those numbers are kind of low, i would say try taking it to another dyno shop, that way you can see if it is just his equipment, if its a new dyno shop he might not have everything hooked up right.