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  1. So, our local group here in Tucson had a dyno day today.. along with a mystic cobra that layed down 428, and a few other random ponies, mine put down 233rwhp and 273tq. The first 2 runs were 228hp, then 232, then the last was the best one. My only applicable mods are K&N drop in, removed silencer, mac o/r h, and flowmaster catback.

    Some things to factor in I guess (whether or not they matter) .. is I have 3.73's which they said didn't matter on the dyno, it was 83*, barometer @ 29.96 humidity 8%. I'm not sure if our elevation here makes a difference.. it was on a dynojet, SAE (don't know about corrected or not.) If it's uncorrected, a calculator online gave me 254rwhp and 298tq after corrections. No A/F graph.

    Seems a tad on the low side, especially considering a stock '01 with dumps and underdrives put down 239 right before me. Maybe that midpipe is hurting me.


    Edit: Movie here: http://media.putfile.com/Andy-dyno

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  2. A/F is really going to tell how the engine is.
  3. Well I think those are pretty respectable numbers with your mods, maybe a bit low...
  4. Agreed. Dyno numbers are tough. There's a lot of false info out there so it kind of gets your hopes up as to the power you are really making. I wish company's that advertised dyno numbers should graphs and mods to back up there BS. Your's do seem a little on the low side. Still good though :nice: .
  5. Hahaha....Hey Andy, did you bring all of your friends and family out to watch? There's quite a crowd in there. :D
  6. Heh.. no.. it was a dyno day where a bunch of guys from our local group were there. :)
  7. How do you figure your midpipe is hurting you?:shrug:
  8. Well, I've never heard of anyone complaining of a loss of SOTP from a catback, or dropin filter, so that only leaves my midpipe.. there was a seemingly noticeable power loss after I installed it.. it was mostly just a thought.. not a very serious one.
  9. I used to work for DynoJet assembling the very dyno you ran on, and in my tuning experience, I would say that although your numbers are a little low, I think they are accurate. If the dyno was run SAE the correction factor is automatically done on our dynos. How many miles are on your car? High mileage will cause significant powerloss on the stock engines. I agree with the other guys on your a/f curve. If you dial that in, you will see some more hp and trq.

    My stang had 300 miles when I first dyno'd it and it put down 234 hp @ 4800. After 1000 miles, we dyno'd again with BBK long-tubes, o/r x-pipe, and a MagnaFlow MagnaPac catback producing 250 hp at 5200 rpm with huge hp and trq gains across the board. The stock a/f was in the low 12's and high 11's stock. With the exhaust mods, the curve ran between 12.6 and 13.5 with no tuning.

    I expect that your mods with miles are accurate.
  10. I just checked out your Dyno Sheet on your website, and it is corrected for SAE. That will be altitude, barometer, temperature, and humidity.
  11. Welp, there are just over 8,600 miles on the car.. good to know the numbers are already corrected.. thanks for the info!
  12. National Lampoon's Dyno Day

    nice numbers though. I doubt the midpipe is making you lose power, if anything it's just shifting the powerband to higher RPMs. Don't sweat it
  13. to get a little more power, not a lot, get rid of the flows and get borla or magnapacks.
  14. Thanks for the input.. I don't much care for the sound of Borla.. and magnapacks are just too damned cackly for me.
  15. I used to have the same exhaust setup as you sgarlic - if not for emissions, I would still have it because I absolutely loved it. I doubt the Flows are making you lose any power. Like I said, all your power is probably in the higher RPMs because of the midpipe
  16. your #s are not that bad. I put down the same with a cat back and CIA.
  17. Thanks again for the input fellas. Think I'll pick up an xcal2 in a little while here and see what I can come up with.
  18. i put down 240hp & 282ft/lbs with the mods in my sig.
    another guy with about the same as me + a predator put down 252hp & 298ft/lbs
  19. You want a cheap 75hp use nitrous and feel what 130ftlbs of torque feels like.
  20. #'s aren't that bad. Congrats!