dynoed my car today...how'd i do??

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  1. It's a 94 Mustang with completely stock short block that has 90k miles. It has.....

    AFR 165's
    AFM B41 cam
    TFS street heat intake
    Vortech S-trim @ 9.3 psi
    42lb inj.
    75mm acufab tb....fox body conversion
    Cometic gaskets .065 thickness
    high volume oil and water pump
    Tremec TKO600
    Spec stage lll clutch
    full MSD ignition
    AEM standalone with 3.5 bar map
    AEM wideband and Innovate wideband...1 in each bank
    Mac equal length shorty headers ceramic coated
    Mac 2 1/2" prochamber w/2 1/2" exhaust
    255 pump with upgraded lines and Aeromotive fpr

    I guess those are the basics....just ask whatever i didn't put down. It's got about every bolt-on mod.

    Anyway the results are 552rwhp and 529rwtq. I'm attaching the dyno sheet to see for yourselves. I went in thinking i would be happy with 450rwhp but really wanted 550rwhp. The 1st pass off the street with no cooldown what so ever was 506rwhp. I then tweaked the maps a little and did the 552. I tried to add some timing but dropped 2rwhp so i took it back out and i was finished. I could've got another 10+rwhp if i let it cool down in between runs but i wanted it to reflect the street.

    I took my smaller pulley off for the dyno just to be sure it was dialed before pushing it. With it on i usually see about 13psi so i'm thinking that should put me in the 600-615rwhp range. Next time i'm going to let it cool down completely and ice the intake. So we'll see.....

    dyno sheet....
  2. engine bay shot.....
  3. sweet numbers man! that bottom end is a ticking time bomb though:hail2:
  4. Great numbers. I am hoping to see 500hp at the crank with only 6psi and afr 185 and custom grind cam. I am very impressed with your setup because alot of it is much the same as mine.
  5. Thanks. I'm just hoping the main stud girdle and the valley girdle are doing a little something to help.

    I've actually been beating the hell out of it in the 500+rwhp state for over a year now. This was just the 1st time i took it to the dyno. I usually do all the tuning on the street unfortunately. I'm done with that though!
  6. Those are some good numbers for sure, so good in fact they really don't match your combo at all... Your combo would normally never see 500rwhp without race fuel or a meth/water setup especially on less then 10 lbs. Either you have a freak setup (which i don't see anything out of the normal) or the dyno isn't quite calibrated right.

    For 550 rwhp that would mean your making approx 680hp... (18% with a tko is about right) Now superchargers usually run a Brake Specific Fuel Consumption (BSFC) .55 -.60 with a max duty cycle of 80%.
    At .55 you would need about 60lb injectors for that kind of horsepower. To be running everything to specs w/42's you would have a BSFC of like .40 which is better then most any NA setup.
    My 42's were pegged out at 5500 rpms and i bearly squeaked over 500.

    I don't mean to be negative or anything but the numbers just aren't adding up to me.

    You ever run at the track? If so what kind of MPH are you seeing?
  7. Yowza....Thats alot of sack for the street....:eek:

    Gotta be one of the top, if not the top I seen on theses boards...You must been smiling when those numbers came up...
  8. that is clean! where did you get those pullies?
  9. sweet numbers....hopefully i am around there when i go to the dyno in the next couple weeks!!! most of my mods are in my sig... :D
    nice numbers man
  10. BTW is that a blow off valve on your intake tube??
  11. Thanks and i got them off of Ebay. I forgot who but i can look and see if i have any records if you'd like.
  12. Yeah it's the Vortech race venting to atmosphere. I just did it like that and never plumbed it back in. It seems to be working ok so i just left it.
  13. Thanks everyone! Yes i had an ear to ear grin when i saw the #'s. :D :D The guy who runs the dyno was totally shocked and couldn't believe it. He said it's the highest # he's ever seen out of a combo like mine. He said to hell with a stroker when a little 302 can do this.
  14. The dyno is calibrated correctly because it was setup by one of Dynojet's main tech guys. I'm as shocked as everyone! Quite a few Mustang guys that were there were in total disbelief.

    I understand completely everything your saying. We all did the math 2-3 times and still couldn't believe it. Just to add to it a guy showed up with a vette that has a Lingenfelter stroker. He had it dynoed when he got it from them at 420rwhp. When the car got to Vegas it dynoed at another place at 418rwhp. Today he dynoed right after me and had someone dial in his a/f a little better and got 423rwhp. So it doesn't seem to be too far off from across town or across the country.

    I've got little things done here and there but nothing that stands out. I've got a crankcase evac system that probably helps a bit. Everything else is pretty much out of the box. I did port match the lower intake if that counts for anything substantial. No nitrous and no water/meth injection. I've got a meth kit that's ready to go on the car but it's sitting in my downstairs bedroom with a bunch of other parts.

    I've ran the car numerous times with a gtech and it's ran a best of 11.4 @ 128. I've also ran quite a few mid to upper 11 sec. cars and had them all by at least a couple car lengths on the street.

    here's a pic the last time it was at the track in n/a trim....
  15. well i hate to be this way but im going to be a non-believer till you confirm it at another shop or some times at the track that match. Those numbers just aren't realistic for that setup. Otherwise your running like mid/low 10 sec power numbers with a good set of tires and there is no way...

    mid to low 11's is mid/high 400 rwhp numbers. All dependant on the right setup but MPH says right at the high 400's/ low 500's mark.

    I ran [email protected] with just a good set of 8" wide slicks and i only went once with that combo. thats like 485 rwhp according to AFM's Dyno and 505 according to another shops dyno. And that was close to 12lbs of boost.
  16. So you're saying that you think my car only made 450rwhp? That's cool. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. You think the dyno was wrong? I'll go down there tomorrow and talk to them and dynojet and find out if it could be off by 100rwhp.
  17. Well, 450 or 550 congratulations. I can only pray that I will make that horsepower sometime in the next 100 years. The car is super clean, nicely done :nice:
  18. All im saying is the numbers just aren't adding up to ME. You could have a total fluke of a combo or something? But injector size doesn't really match up with power output, psi doesn't really match, track times are very debateable, Your running the smaller of the AFR heads, the smaller of the trick flow intakes, you say you abuse this quite a bit which means your bottom end is holding a lot more power then most people say is acceptable.

    Personally i say i could believe high 400's. But like you said its just my opinion and nothing more. If im wrong im wrong, it won't be the first, and it defenetly won't be the last. To tell you the truth i hope i am wrong. I would like to see some nice numbers like that with a stock bottom end with a supercharger instead of a turbo. Turbo cars are the only other numbers i have seen like that in comparason to boost.
  19. i agree--sweet numbers! :nice: