dynoed my car today...how'd i do??

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  1. so the noise the car made on the launch was a 2 step what??? im not familar with it.

    it sounds like like alot of turbo imports (supras, rx's, etc) about to launch.

    it is one of the best sounds imo

    i always thought it was the car on the rev limiter:shrug:
  2. 2 stage rev limiter. A lot of msd boxes and other controllers have these.

    I don't know his setup but i know a lot of people wire in a switch to the clutch pedal so when you arm the 2nd rev limiter and press down the clutch pedal it sets the 2nd rev limiter to whatever you want it at (your desired launching rpm), hold the gas, then when you release the clutch the lower rev limiter is released. Part of the sound you hear is the lower rpm rev limiter (the rev limiter cutting half the spark). The other sound you hear is the loud V-1. At first i was going to question the turbo sound too but i had the V-2 which didn't whine like that but my friend's do.
  3. Far as the video goes, i have been in that situation. I was racing another black 95 mustang at the time so i really wanted to show people who had the faster black sn95.. For that run and the rest of the night he did... lol

    The bad part is when you break an axle your disc brakes rub so your trying to push the car off the track with the brakes kind of engaged... Fortunatly for me i trailered the car to the track for that purpose..
  4. Wow that sucks...
  5. The reason why it sounds like those other cars is that it has the same EMS as most of them have......AEM.

    Wait till it gets back to the track and i run it again....i'll video that too. It normally pops and shoots flames which i think is pretty cool. I love to freak people out next to me.....especially on the street. I had a guy in a Porsche want to race one time. Right before the light turned green i hit the anti-lag and it started popping and shooting flames. The guy about **** himself cause he didn't know what the hell was going on.

    It's not the FastnFurious kind of flame or anything. It's all in the way you setup the ignition retard and fuel for the anti-lag/2 step.
  6. That was the 1st time breaking an axle in the Mustang. I didn't know what the hell happened and i didn't know why we couldn't push it. Thanks for clearing that up for me......i still didn't know why i couldn't push it until i read your post. Never thought about the brakes holding it. I thought i chewed up the gears or something.

    The 2step in the AEM is so freaking easy!! You just pull up the rev limiter window and choose which one you want and set the parameters. That easy! No wiring or anything. It also lets you setup an anti-lag....which is a little more involved when setting up but the end result is incredible if you have a turbo car. All others just look and sound cool but turbo cars can get an extra 10-20psi of boost on the launch if the anti-lag is setup properly.
  7. wow im going to be sure to have that on my car once it actually gets built the way i want to do it(years)

    any chance i can see your car while i am in vegas next week:D ?
  8. What AEM modle are you using? The one for 94-95s? Do you know the ID number. I am ordering one very soon. Thanks.
  9. so let me get this straight... you have Ported 165s and a ported blower and race gas mix, so you DID CONCEAL mods in the beginning?

    anyways, bood numbers and what exhaust are you running?

    I have liked the AEM for a while. Do you have it runing piggybacked off the ECU and are you still running A/c with it?
  10. No they are box stock AFR 165's....i said they are blower ported. You can get that option from them. The blower is not ported in any way and i said from the start that i was running a mix of pump gas and 100 octane pump gas. That's how i roll around all the time so that's how i dyno'd.

    I've got Mac from front to rear.....2 1/2". The AEM is not a piggyback system..it's a standalone. Yes i'm still running a/c along with p/s. It's got a smog delete and that's it for belt options. No shorty belt.
  11. I can check if you want but it's the same model anyone can buy for the 94-95 cars. Let me know when you get it and need any help. I've got quite a few different base maps or you can get them off of AEM's website.
  12. pm me before you come in and let's try and work something out.
  13. what the heck is blower ported?, that is a new one

    and they arent box stock if they are ported

    I hung out with a guy running a Haltech, but it is integrated in with the stock harnessa nd computer, I considered that piggybacking. he had a 331 with an s trim making 600+
  14. I ordered a set of heads from AFR and got all the options and then bolted them on....i would call that "box stock". How about if they have upgraded valvesprings....are they also not stock? AFR cnc ports all their heads which results in "porting" correct? I just got a little different porting than the norm. It's not any more or any less than a normal head.....just a little different from my understanding. I didn't have another head to compare them to so who knows....they might be completely the same as everyone elses.:shrug:

    The setup (Haltech) you described is "piggybacking". The AEM completely replaces the factory computer but uses all the factory sensors and wiring. It's plug n play.
  15. blower ported heads mean more port work than a normal set.
    They prob flow really good, why you keep tryin to down play it is beyond me.
    You wouldnt need that type of flow on a lil n/a car, why they have the "blower port" opt....and you paid more for these to I'm sure of it

    Just think you could make 700rw with a lil more mods
  16. Man im jelous!!! Congrats.
  17. i got to watch the vid that sucks:( and is why i slip the clutch ,they say your tires should rotate one rev on the launch to keep that from happening,
  18. Thanks 94convgt. I will let you know when i put it in. I am running the eec tuner now, but will be putting the AEM in with the supercharger soon.
  19. I'm not tryin to downplay anything....just tryin to be very clear that's all. I don't like when people say i'm not tellin the truth or holding something back. I've tried to be very upfront and honest from the start. Yes, the blower port option was a tick more than normal. I can't remember right now cause it's been quite a while....but somewhere in the neighborhood of $100-150.

    There is no doubt in my mind i could make 700rwhp with a few more mods. I'm sure i could go well over 600rwhp the way it sits right now if i ran straight race gas (C16 or import). I added a 2nd 255 pump this week so it has enough pump. The injectors are the limiting factor now. I don't think i'm going to up them just yet. I'll put race gas in it and bump the timing up and see what i can do at the same boost level.
  20. i sent you a pm the other night