dynoed my car today...how'd i do??

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  1. I realize there are a lot of vairables controlling the "backpressure" that you see (i.e. boost), often the cam overlap & minimal exhaust restrictions will lower this "backpressure". But you admitted the gauge showed 12 # - a difference of 3# from the MAP sensor. There are variables associated with hooking up the MAP sensor as well - have you verified the MAP sensors accuracy just for kicks?

    BTW, this is the "signature" of the person who's dyno results I linked to as a comparison...

    Seems like a pretty stout setup - that's why I thought it was reasonable as a comparison - I realize combo's can't be compared directly, but I just find it difficult to believe that you only have 9 # of backpressure (boost) with a 302 and those pullies - especially since you are seeing 12 psig pressure.
  2. WAIT................................. how is that guy with the 347 making 570rwhp with 42# injectors??!?!!?!?!?!?!??!?!!?
    i thought it wasnt possible? :shrug:


    Those are the numbers i would expect with a 347 with an s-trim and meth kit... maybe just a hair low...
  4. 94convgt

    I was wondering if you could help me. I am about to put a vortech on my 94 convertible. I have a 351 in it and am about to put a Dart 408 im building in. What did you have to do to use the 93 supercharger setup? Different tb and throttle cables? Do they have the same alternator and smog mount? I am thinking about doing that and ditching the SN95 adapter. And do you think the t-trim would make 20psi on a 408?

    Thanks and nice car.
  5. if your wanting to make that much boost on a 408 your going to want a ysi-trim if you go with the smaller size blower or an x,z or something of that nature with the larger vortech blowers, otherwise your going to want to go with a turbo or two. One single one and you would be looking at about a 88mm or 91, or if you wanted to go twin you would want to go like 66 or so.

    One single one will spool up FAST with as many cubes you have, but 2 will spool up fast enough it will feel like a stage of nitrous.
  6. So what do you think would be better a ysi, twin turbo, or single. And is it worth going to the 93 throttle body over the SN95?
  7. the fox setup has been a proven plus on NA setups for 94/95's. Not real sure how much it will improved blown applications (im sure it will a small bit but maybe not worth the money). You will find that when you go with a blown application sizes on tb's and everything else on the output side of the blower/turbo don't matter as much any more.

    But having said that, i think cosmetically and convenience the fox body setup looks less messy and much easier to mess with Instead of all the wierd bends and stuff.

    Actually George Klass (tech at accufab) was telling me that i should go with a tb as big as my piping to it which makes a lot of sence, everybody else was telling me i should go with a 90mm tb.

    You usually make better power with a turbo setup and its easier on the crank but a s/c setup is usually cheaper. (the guys at Muscle Motors said that i would have to switch to fox brackets and timing cover/water pump setup because even though the ysi-trim is supposed to fit s-trim brackets it is still deeper and would hit the valve covers. (doesn't mean someone couldn't be creative and space out the 94/95 brackets but you might be pushing it with space between the pulleys and rad fan.)

    Far as single vs twins... They say a single turbo is more street friendly, and twins are better for the track (much more area under the curve) if your looking for street manors i say a single turbo. Twins will want to load up to fast for the street IMO.
  8. Thanks alot for the advice moneypit94.
    I like vortech alot i had a s-trim on a mustang before and liked it alot. Do you know the specs of a ysi? And if you were gona do a single turbo what company would you use. I was thinking about making all my own piping and just getting a head unit and bov and such parts.
  9. the first police pkg cars were cars ford put together exactly like the stnd consumer cars, only randomly throughout, same parts engine block n all, a car would make noticeable more HP because something clickd. ...my point is, they were all the same but for some LUCKY reason it clickd on one car and not the other. can deff b the case here guys.
  10. S-trim is rated at a max 1000 cfm and 72% efficient
    T-trim is rated at a max 1200 cfm and 73% efficient
    YSi-trim is rated at a max 1600 cfm and 78% efficient

    Far as turbo companies, B&G does a lot of 94/95 stuff, and offers just the headers and stuff for a really easy turbo build. You pretty much just have to do the cold side. Or they will build you a complete setup for a great price.

    There are only a handfull of turbo companies that will mess with the 94/95's. Cartech, HP, B&G, and there is one or two im sure im forgetting.

  11. sooooooooooo i thought a meth kit cooled and condensed your intake charge, not added more fuel?

    whatever this is pointless...count me out

    nice numbers anyhow:nice:
  12. Methanol is an oxygenated fuel! - you can add up to 20% of your total "liquid" (fuel + H2O/Methanol) as H2O/Meth injection. That methanol has energy and burns & adds power just like gasoline. What do you think the alcohol burning race cars burn for fuel anyway?
  13. thanks! I know for a FACT that 42lb injectors will go to 600rwhp without a meth kit. Running a meth kit does allow you to take some fuel out to make the horsepower.....so that's why he said that.
  14. learn something new everyday!
  15. Well with the numbers you gave me i figured up your efficency rating. You are running a .42 b.s.f.c. or better. You would be makeing NA cars look stupid in fuel effecency. These are all numbers you gave me. 39 psi, your fwhp determined off of 18% loss of the drive train from your rwhp, 8 injectors, and your 95% duty cycle.

    .42 fuel effiency on that setup is more rediculous then your numbers...

    BTW... were still waiting for you to post your results...
  16. I wouldn't think twice about going with the fox body tb setup. It really improved throttle response and just made everything more visually appealing.

    If you want overall long term enjoyment then i would say go the s/c route. If you want overall power and don't care about wrenching on a regular basis then go turbo. I actually prefer a turbo over a s/c but got a great deal on my kit so i couldn't pass it up. We only build and work on turbo cars so i see the ups and downs on a daily basis. They're fun but COSTLY!
  17. Thanks alot for the help. What trannys are you guys running? I have a G force T-5 and am gonna ditch that for a T-56 i think.
  18. No we don't. The thing is you only get, at max, twice as much air at 14.7 psi and therefore no more than twice as much power. At 9psi that's ideally 61% more air and 61% more power at 100% efficiency. So at 9 psi and 100% efficiency, he'd have to make 335 rwhp n/a.
  19. I hate the ensuing attacks that will come from discrediting a guy with such a fast car, but this....every bit of this.... is nonsense.

  20. Why are you constantly wrenching on the turbo cars? Getting the tune right is tricky, but after that, you can drive them for 50k miles without a problem.