Exhaust Dynomax Bullet Race Mufflers

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  1. Car: 1999 Mustang GT

    Any opinions/experience running these with a Bassani O/R X? I received the X from my uncle who never installed it. Instead of doing some research about what types of mufflers sound good with the X, I slapped them onto my stock cat-back system with Flowmaster 10s welded in. Huge mistake. There was a horrible rattle at 1900-2200 RPM and deceleration. The car is my daily driver so I put my O/R Prochamber back on for the time being (I love it, I just want a different sound). After seeing many complaints about the Bassani O/R X and chambered mufflers, I ordered some 16" Dynomax Bullets to weld in place of the 10s (with different flowtubes, of course). They seem pretty solid and the packing reminds me of the LM2 muffler. Is that a good comparison?
  2. those mufflers are very similar to the pypes m80, the slp, and the cherry bombs. my favorite with bassani o/r x pipes are with the cherry bomb extremes. it is a one chambered muffler but it has the best tone in my opinion. check out some youtube videos of those if you are interested. i have SLP loudmouth's with the stock H pipe on my car and it sounds beast. the dynamo and other resonators will sound great with the bassani and other x pipes.
  3. My brother has the SLP Muffler on his Trans Am and it sounds great paired with a Dynomax O/R Y. I loved the way the Bassani sounded at idle, but it sounded like the tone echoed too much in the 10s and was rattling the baffles. I didn't expect the Bullets to be packed so well for being as cheap as they are. I'm getting them welded in this weekend, so we'll see how it goes!
  4. Got them installed over the weekend. I like it! It has a very unique sound, and screams at WOT. I thought it would be raspy, but not at all. It must be the material of the old broken in stock catback system. Pleasantly surprised!
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