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  1. Planning to upgrade stock exhaust soon and considering Dynomax Catback w/Super Turbo mufflers. Most Stangnet reviews on this product are over 1 year old and don't address my current set-up. I'm NOT a noise chaser, but I'm looking for slightly louder volume than stock, a low mellow tone and some horsepower gain. Drivability and noise level are more important to me than horsepower numbers.

    If you have driving and installation experience with this product, I'd like to hear about it. If you have dyno numbers I'm interested in those as well.

    Thanks for your time and input.

  2. I have had them on a Mustang before, and they sounded like a stock car to me, I personally did not like them.....I couldnt even tell they were on my car.
  3. I'm not going to jump on the bandwagon and recommend Magnaflow ;) (because you will likely get a number of responses doing so), but why not go with a "straight-through" designed muffler. My understanding is that the Super Turbo is a chambered muffler, and designed almost exactly like the stock mufflers. If you like the Dynomax product, why not go with the UltraFlo's? Most people advise straight-through mufflers for supercharged applications, due to their better flow characteristics.
  4. I 2nd the Magnaflows. I got my catback for $300 from www.fulllineexhaust.com
  5. This guy I knew had it on his '92 with an off road X and it sounded just like a stock car. WAY to loud and raspy for my taste.
  6. offroad

    I have a offroad xpipe with dynomax straight threw mufflers.. and it sounds nice almost close to a stock mustang.. but just a little bit louder.. dynomax is good if you dont want to make a lot of noise..
  7. To all who have responded thus far...Thanks

    Talked with Dynomax Tech Rep and Super-Turbo mufflers are not an option with off-the-shelf Dynomax Catback, only the Ultra-Flow mufflers. Perhaps I will look into that option and other straight-through muffler options, i.e. MagnaFlow/Borla/Bassani, before making a final decision. Of course, installing cat-back pipes and welding in super-turbos is an option, but more expensive.

    At the moment I don't plan to install headers or alter the current H-pipe. Cost/benefit ratio is not that attractive to me. I'm only looking for a slightly more aggressive sound and if that gives me a few more horses, great! Again, thanks for your input.
  8. GTGunner:

    I had UltraFlos welded into the stock catback tubing. At idle, it was a hair louder than stock and deeper in tone. It was slightly louder throughout the normal engine speed range (1000 to 2200 rpm, automatic) when toodling around town. At higher engine speeds, the volume increased proportionally. And, at WOT, the dead were awakened. I think the UltraFlos are an excellent choice (no disrespect intended to any other muffler brands out there!).

    In my case, I wanted a little more rumble and I went with a MagnaPack cat-back. It is significantly louder than stock and louder than the UltraFlos so you probably do not want to go this route.

    FWIW, the MagnaFlow mufflers are 'straight-through' like the UltraFlos. From what I've heard, the U/F's are a little quieter (by a hair only!) than the MagnaFlow mufflers.
  9. why would you want to put some 15 dollar discount auto parts mufflers on your car?

    get a real catback if your gonna do it.....maybe a MAC or Magnaflow
  10. WRXracer;

    Thanks for your valuable personal account of Dynomax products. Your words gave me something to think about. Much appreciated. Regards,


    I don't consider any Dynomax product a "15 dollar discount auto parts" muffler, but you're entitled to your opinion. Statistically speaking, Dynomax, MAC and MagnaFlow off-the-shelf catback systems and mufflers are comperably priced and produce similar horsepower gains on the same vehicle. There is also little difference in 2.5" mandral bent pipes and nonchambered mufflers. Only the name brand is different. Regards,
  11. nyuk98GT,

    Your response is also much appreciated. Good information that will help me with the choice. I like the way you described the noise through the engine rpm range. Thanks and regards,
  12. Actually, the Super Turbo is pretty cheap. You can go to Advance Auto or Auto Zone and pull it off the shelf for about $25 a piece.

    The Super Turbo is not a chambered muffler. Flowmasters are. Turbo and super turbo mufflers have a path of flow through tubes. The difference being that super turbo directs the gases into the curves, whereas turbo mufflers do not direct the gases in curves, so its more restrictive.

    I suggest magnaflow as I can vouch for their quality and performance, however if you decide to go with Dynomax, which will most likely sound about the same as magnaflow, then please go with the ultra flo.

    Why go with this (i.e. bends and restriction):


    When you can go with this (i.e. striaght through, especially for a s/c car):

  13. UA2k1GT,

    Thanks for the pics, comments and opinion. I probably will go with the Ultra-Flows if I decide Dynomax. I'll also lood at MagnaFlow. If there isn't much decibel difference throughout the rpm range and the quality is similar, then I'll expand my choice and include the MagnaFlow option. Regards,