Dynomax is building a 2012 Mustang and wants your advice!

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  1. Great things are underway in the DynoMax Performance Exhaust garage. We will be building up a 2012 Ford Mustang that will be seen on Horsepower TV in late October and used as our main source of transportation on the 2012 Hod Rod Magazine "Hot Rod Power Tour". We have "A long way to go, and a short time to get there", and looking for your help. What's hot, what's cool, and what is going to make this new pony in the DynoMax stable a head turner on the streets and move down the strip in true Mustang fashion? Follow us on Facebook and here as we ask for our fans, customers, and supporters what products in each area of this build we should be putting on our new Pony.

    Artist rendering

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    Front shot, picked it up Friday.
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    Side shot
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    This is a 6 cylinder, and no an engine swap is not an option. :D
  2. okay just do this:

    1. dont put any of that gay crap on the car
    2. put a boss front bumper/splitter on it
    3. boss rear valance
    4. roush front grill
    5. black track pack wheels
    6. lower it a little
    7. 6 piston brakes front 4 piston in rear
    8. procharger
    9. then give it to me after you show it off and i'll waive the consultation fee
  3. x2 except twin turbo instead of procharger:hail2:
  4. Don't do anything that's on the artist's rendering. Maybe change the grill, get slightly larger, lighter wheels, definitely procharger, full exhaust setup, then drop it on new springs AND shocks/ struts
  5. It will be different than the rendering, but it will be attention getting for sure. Right now it is sitting in our studio!
  6. As for cosmetic modifications, I suggest doing things that look like they could have been a factory option. Either use parts from other models of the new Mustang or even if its aftermarket or custom made, make it subtle. A clean look is better than an overdone look.

    By the way, I have Dynomax Ultraflo mufflers on my 65 and love them.
  7. It will be eye catching, but not over the top. It looks like we will be using a new exhaust system incorporating our new VT Drone free muffler. Thanks ofr the support. Are your Ultra Flo's the stainless steel ones?
  8. I just meant don't go with the overdone body kit type stuff.

    Yes, they are the stainless ones.