Dynomax Sound Off Promo March 1 through August 31 2011

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  1. We have started our Dynomax No Limits promo from March 1 to August 31, 2011.
    This is a great opportunity to upgrade your cat back exhaust system.
    Dynomax® Performance Exhaust | Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems, Cat-Back Systems, Axle-Back Systems and Mufflers
    Check here for the closest retailer to you.

    As always we offer our 90 day risk free trial offer.
    If, for any reason, the qualifying products* don't live up to your expectations within the first 90 days, replace the products and we will refund your original product's purchase price (which shall not exceed the manufacturer’s suggested retail price), plus labor (up to $50 per exhaust system). We're that confident you will be satisfied with DynoMax® performance products!

    We just launched three new exhaust systems for the 2011 Mustangs.
    5.0 Dual Cat Back Exhaust that gives you a gain of 16 HP and 16 more torque!
    3.7 that gives you a gain of 11 HP and 10 more torque!
    5.0 Dual Axle Back Exhaust that gives you a gain of 13 HP and 13 more torque!
    Dynomax® Performance Exhaust | New Products | Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems

    Thanks all.
  2. Post AxleBack sound clips please - Dynomax makes great products and don't see how you can go wrong with the guarantee and cash back !
  3. How much for a 2011 gt mustabg axle back? It doesn't show me the prices
  4. I don't have a clip at this time, sorry, I am trying to get clips. The price and guarantee are really strong benefits!

    As a manufacturer I can't give out pricing, but our website gives you an option to find a retailer near you.

    Dynomax® Performance Exhaust | Promotions
  5. About $383 shipped from Summit Racing.
  6. Are the internals of the Dynomax axleback muffler truly tuned for the 2011 Mustang or is it more of a generic fitted to the car ? Also did Dynomax have to work on a combination that eliminated drone as a few manufacturers have done ?
  7. Let me get an answer for you.
  8. The Ultra Flo muffler used in the cat back and axle back systems are not "tuned" specifically for the Mustang. The Cat back system that uses the bullet mufflers is a straight through set up built for maximum hp and airflow with a sound just muffled enough this side of going with a straight pipe. The Cat back system that uses the Ultra Flo muffler set up will give you the maximum air flow as the Ultra Flo muffler is the highest CFM flowing muffler on the market today, and a great deep throaty sound to top it off.

    As far as working on a specific combination to eliminate drone. The DynomaxVT muffler is available in multiple configurations (center in center out, offset in center out, etc) and spring tensions for the valve to accommodate the variety of engine configurations out there. The DynomaxVT set up for the Mustang in particular was R&D'ed extensively in our Jackson, MI facility to ensure that the air flow when on the gas was maximized and the drone was eliminated as much as possible when at cruising speeds.

    Topped off with our amazing 90 day risk free trial offer, we know you are going to be happy.
    Dynomax® Performance Exhaust | Warranty / Safe & Sound Guarantee
  9. How can you go wrong with a full money back gaurantee - nobody other than Dynomax does this - please post sounds if you have installed these ! Ship it.
  10. Thanks for the kind words! Here is a link to our guarantee!

    Dynomax® Performance Exhaust | Warranty / Safe & Sound Guarantee.

    Can't be beat! We want you to be 100% happy and it is made in the USA.

  11. Does the cat back system for a 1992 (#17491) have the stainless after the rear axle like the factory
  12. On PN 17491 it is aluminized in the rear but PN 17486 is polished stainless steel in the rear section. Thanks!

  13. We are launching a few new exhaust systems that incorporate the VT muffler so those will be eligible for the Sound Off promo. On a stand alone muffler rebate we don't plan on a promotion for just a muffler at this time.

    Thanks Matt
  14. The Sound Off rebate ends at the end of this month.
    Take advantage of the best warranty out there.
    Thanks to all the messages as well.

  15. One week left! :eek:
  16. Two days left. :D