Fox Dynomax Ultra Flo Catback Exhaust #17393 Or #19483?

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  1. Is anyone here using one of these catbacks on their fox? I'm really tired of the sound and drone of the 2 chamber flowmaster exhaust on my vert. Its been on this car for 15 years so its time to try something new.

    Since I added the offroad h-pipe it has become, lets say "unpleasant"! Also, I recently did heads, cam, intake and a blower. Who would have thought all that would have increased volume as well as power?o_O LOL

    I don't want to break the bank on this and I can get this Dynomax kit locally for around $349-379 bucks.

    I have had Dynomax catbacks previously on 2 different F150's I've owned in the past. They have a softer deeper tone compared to the Flowmasters. Actually sounded real nice!

    Ultimately a Magnaflow catback is what I want but I don't want to put out $600 at this time. So, I thought I would try Dynomax on my vert this time around.

    Your thoughts?
  2. Had 2 chambers flows on my off road h~pipe and it was loud as sh!t in the parking decks. I too wanted a quieter sound, I put on the 3 chamber flows because of a friends quest for louder :rlaugh:So i got brand new 3 chamber flows with heat shields for $75 so i took it.
    But i was also looking into the brands you were as well. The 3 chambers really helped me in the city and are way quieter than the 2 chambers. But they open up when you twist it's tail. From my research before, the sound of some of those brands change when the packing inside comes loose or old. Let us know which way you go cause i wanna hear it:nice:
    I was going to go with the dynomax or walker ones until these fell into my lap.
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  3. You should seriously consider Dynomax VT's, which have a valve in them that keeps them pretty quiet and mellow until you really get on it, then they rip. Short of that, there's really not a lot that's going to kill the drone except longtubes or 1/4-wave resonator tubes.

    Here's video of Dynomax VT's on my mustang, with the microphone under the console directly below the armrest. These are dumped ahead of the axle FWIW. It's much quieter inside the car now that I have the tailpipes back on it.

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  4. I did the Ultraflow SS kit on an SN Cobra not too long ago. It's an excellent kit. I can't believe they sell it for that price; it's a steal. It fit very well with very little adjustment. The metal quality far exceeds the Flowmaster, and I personally prefer the sound as well.

  5. I was looking at the VT' s too and i read where people said they heard the valve clanging around after the spring got weak or had a malfunction :shrug: I did like the sound of it and the ultraflows from the videos i watched.
  6. Thanks for the reply's guys!
    Someone above mentioned the 3 chamber flowmasters. I thought about simply welding a pair of those in my current kit but I'm ready for something new.
    I was considering the Dynomax VT's. They are very cool but a little pricey compared to the other mufflers. It also seems that they don't come in a bolt-on catback kit like the others.

    Due to the age of my current catback and its condition I want to replace the entire kit, not just the mufflers.

    According to the Dynomax site, the Ultra-Flo welded muffler catback #19483 is the quietest of "straight through design" mufflers offered in a 2.5" kit.

    I'm swinging towards that one I think.
  7. The UltraFlow design has been around a very long time. I use UltraFlow mufflers on my car. It still looks like brand new after 15 years. It's very hard to beat a straight through design for performance. It is modestly quiet at low rpm but has a very aggressive sound when you get higher in the rpms.

  8. The valves rattle a little on cold startup, but it stops after the car has been driven a block or two.

  9. In that video they sound REAL good! He said he had cats on them too, so thats good info. I also seen in your sig you have walkers, do you have a sound clip???
  10. That's my car in the video, I guess I need to update my sig LOL. I don't have a good sound clip of them. They were quieter than super turbos, but their packing blew out under hard usage just like all the res and they ended up loud. And, they neck down to 2.25 inches internally. The VT's are the greatest thing since the wheel.
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  11. :rlaugh: ...Nice!!
    Awesome, you had 4 cats or 2 on that sound bite??
  12. I ran ultraflows on my old 89 with dumps before the axle. I liked them a lot. My flowmasters are louder and def have some drone.
  13. 2 tiny little Magnaflow spun-metallic cats. They didn't do anything much to change the sound of the exhaust.

  14. I just went through the 17393 or 19483 issue myself. Literally put it on my car like a week ago.

    The 17393 comes with those cheap looking ghetto chrome mufflers, that didn't sit so well with me.
    So that's why i opted for the 19483.

    Weather is horrible here so it hasn't been driven. But i'll say this, revved up, it's loud. Just don't know if it really kills the drone like they say. I came from a 3 chamber setup.

    Reason i bought it is that i want to put my panhard bar on, and after a test fit, looks like it will clear. Did NOT with my 3 chamber kit.

    Now the 19483 isn't exactly perfect. The clamps is comes with are crap and if you crank them down it deforms the metal, so i bought the good dynomax clamps. Which meant i had to put 4 slits in the muffler outlets to get them tight. I still think it's going to require at least a couple tack welds.

    Biggest issue is the welded mufflers have no brackets. The other dynomax mufflers do. So i have to have my neighbor weld muffler hangers on it before it can safely be driven.

    Didn't help either the hanger on the D side tailpipe was welded too low, so the pipe sat too high, to get it in proper place, the part that went over the muffler hit the floor. I fixed that by purchasing this yellow bushing from amazon that has 4 holes in it.
    May not matter to most guys, but i have a saleen kit, where i get the tailpipes really matters.

    I am impressed with the sound, but i was expecting much quieter.
    Here is some of the things that may help you out. bushing clamps

    Not sure if your vert has a cobra kit, but the 2 exhausts you list are for lx's not gts.
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  15. Thanks for the info. Yeah I have a Cobra rear bumper cover on it.
  16. Great info, if I ever change ill probably go VT's, loud gets old for a DD.
  17. It is supposidly the exhaust with no drone, and while my garage door was open (double wide), it was still in the garage.
  18. i've been debating what mufflers to run with my convert. i don't want any drone. a little louder then stock would be nice but i don't want a drone. thought about the Dynomax VT's but if those valves make any noice no matter when it is it will drive me nuts.

    what i think i decided on is the stock replacements from walker. they are two different lengths like stock so they shouldn't drone and if they aren't loud enough i'll stick an offroad pipe on it and that should give it just enough sound for me.. gonna go witht e 5.0resto stainless tail pipes. would rather have the stock 2 1/4" tails but all i can find are the 2 1/5" tals.
  19. Don't mix and match parts, it very well could be a nightmare.
    If you have cats most catbacks aren't going to be all that loud.
    You can barely tell the difference from 2.25 to 2.5 in the tailpipe size.
  20. Guys, I bought the Ultra-Flo 19483 kit last night.

    I have also decided to replace my offroad h-pipe as well. It is a real old Ford Racing one that I had stored for Years. It is only 2-1/4" with old style restrictive bends. (probably costing me a few pony's)

    I really and truly like the sound of an X-pipe better. So, I also have an offroad X-pipe on the way from UPR.

    I'm optimistic by saying: I think this thing is gonna sound "Purdy Good":nice: