Fox Dynomax Ultra Flo Catback Exhaust #17393 Or #19483?

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  1. Make sure you have the new X-pipe in when you put the cat back together. The different pipes have different lengths. I just use the clamps to get it mocked up and in place, then I weld it all up. I strongly recommend getting it welded.

  2. Oh yeah, the new exhaust will be installed from the header collectors back.

    I'm no dummy.
  3. I think for a DD that see's limited RPMs and doesn't see the strip hardly could be happy with the walkers.
  4. I believe in simplicity and form follows function. Any additional mechanics like valves in the exhaust is superfluous. Keep it simple.

  5. not sure what can turn into a nightmare. there are a couple real good exhaust guys local to me so fitment isn't an issue.

    i know you can barely tell the difference between 2 1/4 and 2 1/2 but i still would rather have the stock 2 1/4. last i checked the dynomax super turbo kit doesn't come with the stainless tails anymore..

    my biggest thing i don't want a drone. my last mustang (a 90 lx convert) i put flowmasters on and once i went to a 3.73 gear the drone was horrible and that was a full stock exhaust system with only the mufflers changes. ford put two different length mufflers on these cars to get rid of that drone. wonder if i could do something like that.. guess i could always study the catalog.
  6. yea it doesn't see the strip. its a summer family cruiser which is why i do not want that drone.. a little more sound would be nice though.
  7. LOL...your biggest thing is, you don't want drone, but a barely audible rattle that last for 5 seconds will drive you so nuts you'd rather live with the drone. Check. Got it. Your only real fail-proof solution to drone is pick whatever mufflers you want and insall 1/4-wave tubes, they're magical. I would have, but I don't have room on this car thanks to my suspension. VT's got the nod...and guess what? No drone. That's their entire reason for being.
  8. I have no drone with a ProChamber. Not sure if that info helps.

  9. i don't want a drone or a rattle. both will drive me nuts.. don't see how or why that is too much to ask. :)

    no drone but a rattle. they they are going through the trouble to build the muffler then go all the way and make sure the thing doesn't rattle. i just don't get why they wouldn't.
  10. Your list of "don't wants" may be too hard to over come.
    You don't want too loud
    You don't want too quiet
    You don't want a little rattle
    You don't want any drone
    You don't 2.5 pipes

    About the only thing you do want is stainless tail pipes. Something most kits have.

    Sounds like you should just leave the exhaust as is. No exhaust is absolutely perfect.
  11. think you are reading a bit much into what i said..

    i said a little louder then stock would be nice. define too loud. open headers? hell no i don't want that, no mufflers? hell no i don't want that. nothing sounds worse.

    a rattle your right i sure as hell don't want that. i don't want rattles anywhere in my car personally.

    drone your right i don't want that. how guys live with that crap is beyond me.

    i said i would prefer the stock style 2 1/4 but will be ok with the aftermarket 2 1/2.

    i don't think its that much to ask for a muffler to not drone, not rattle, have a reasonable db level and to fit. these cars have been around how long? how many were made? would have been well worth the investment for a company to build a muffler that can do that.

    everything is a compromise i understand that. but i also won't accept half ass from a company.

    did you miss what i said about going with a walker replacements?


  12. Ya, i saw it, and your solution if it wasn't loud enough would be an offroad pipe. Which will probably triple the decibel level, putting it back in the too loud category.

    I have no clue what stock replacement walker mufflers sound like (nor do i know anyone that would buy them), but one would think stock replacement sounds like stock. I'm pretty sure that's the type of muffler exhaust shops use for regular cars.

    I would also think if the sound was performance orientated, walker would have branded them dynomax.
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  13. Of course a a walker stock replacement will sound stock. I'm sure it won't be too loud with the stock style muffler and no cats, surely not 3 times louder that's for sure. I've messed with non cat cars for a lot of years, a mustang is no different then any other v8 car. Just listen to a stock 340 dart, or a stock gto.... Etc...etc...etc with stock style mufflers. You can hear the v8 tone but it's far from loud.
  14. Buy the Ultraflows. You'll be happy, I promise.

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  15. What about super turbos? Slightly louder than stock but not much. Don't removed back when my dad had them on a 5.0, but I don't think it droned.

  16. when searching a while back i found an article about the super turbos and it said they had the drone. but who knows what was done to the magazine car. modifications and gear wil make a lot of difference.. i know on our mopars the smaller case super turbos are pretty loud. and it seems cars running stock manifolds they get a horrible with super turbos and cars with headers don't seem to get the drone. on my dart i was running 3" pipe to the bumper and X pipe and the large case super turbos and never had a drone. was super quiet until i got some miles it then it got a nice deep tone that wasn't too quiet and not too loud. but those are some huge mufflers. not sure they would fit under a mustang..
  17. When doing my research on the quiet ones and sounds waves etc, I read where the longer the muffler the better and with more chambers. So I looked into the maximum size I could fit underneath. I even thought about the flow suv one but it was like 22 inches or so. My 3 chambers are like 17,18 inches and it's damn tight. Under there, so I suggest measuring how big you can fit one, flat oval or more round etc,...
  18. You can go through $1000 worth of different mufflers that will ALL drone, and end up pissed off and broke, or you can do 1/4 wave tubes and kill it no matter what mufflers you run. Super Turbos? Drone. Ultra flows? Drone. Quiet Flows? Drone. Magnaflows? Drone. Borlas? Drone. Been there, done that, with every single one of them.



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