Fox Dynomax Ultra Flo Catback Exhaust #17393 Or #19483?

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  1. Cool! Pipes to nowhere. Very interesting.

    You guys don't need to fuss about all this. Who cares!

    I originally posted this thread while I was standing, looking at the two mentioned Dynomax kits. Just wanted to see if anyone had any experience with either of the two before I purchased one. They look very similar.
    After further research I decided to buy the 19483 catback because I don't really care for shiney mufflers as in the 17393. I wanted the advertised quieter of the two, so as I posted back in post #20.

    Little History: I've owned this car since December 1988. (Brand new) The first thing I did when I bought it was weld 3 chamber Flowmasters into the stock system. "Enter the drone" Back then it didn't matter. I was young and it sounded great.
    Next, approximately 15 years ago I decided to install a complete Flowmaster 2 chamber catback when I added the Cobra bumper cover.

    Here we are today. Although garage kept, 15 years have taken its toll of that exhaust. I mentioned before that now I've added HCI and blower and no catts.
    In seeking a new "to me" sound I decided after 25 years to get away from Flowmaster once and for-all.
    Thats why the Dynomax. I had good experience with it on two previous daily driver F 150's. Estimated 300K miles combined on those two trucks. Loved the sound!

    Once my offroad X arrives from UPR I'll report back once its all installed. I'm not looking for a completely droneless sound or whisper quiet either. Just a different sound from my car.
    After all its my weekend 500hp hotrod. Might as well sound like one:nice:
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  2. Update:
    Been working a ton of hours lately so the parts and the car have just been sitting and waiting.
    Well finally today I had some time got a good friend and we replaced the offroad H pipe and 2 chamber Flowmaster catback with my new UPR offroad X pipe and Dynomax 19483 catback.

    I am thrilled with the results! First off everything fit like a glove and bolted right into place. Although the mufflers did not come with hangers so we cut the hangers from my old Flowmasters and welded them to the new mufflers once the kit was in place and adjusted.

    Sounds GREAT! The volume went down a ton. If there was a volume knob, it went from a 10 down to 6. Still sounds aggressive but real smooth and "noticeably" very little drone. Far superior over the offroad H pipe and 2 chambered drone masters.

    My ears didn't ring when I got out of the car today. LOL

    I HIGHLY recommend this exhaust combo! I love the sound of the x over the h pipe, and I'll never own another Flowmaster muffler.
  3. Any pics of how the system looks on the car?
  4. Need a sound clip. :)
  5. No I didn't take any pics today. I'll try and get a couple shots next chance I get.

    I did take a real nice sound clip with my phone but I can't seem to figure out how to share it.

    I'll try and figure it out tomorrow.
  6. You went from 3 Chambers to 2 Chambers :eek:
    That is not the way to go for quieter muffs. I just went from 2 chambers to 3 chambers and it was a Huge tone down. Its real quiet until you step on it and its still no where near the loudness of 2 chamber throttle loudness. I also have no drone with my 3:55 gears. Did you have a stock gears with 3 chambers?
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  7. I went from 2 chambers to NO chambers. The mufflers on the Dynomax Ultra Flo Catback are "flow through" design using mesh to tame the noise instead of chambers. HUGE improvement over the Flowmasters.

    As far as 3 chambers go, I once had a 3 chamber catback on another fox that I once owned. Although somewhat quieter than the 2's, still much drone.

    Until recently I owned a Saleen SSC. Saleen used Dynomax/Walker exhaust on those cars. My SSC never had drone compared to all my other Fox cars that I had Flowmasters on.

    So, I thought I would take a gamble and try Dynomax on my '88vert. I learned yesterday that I made a good choice and I really do like the Dynomax exhaust.

    There is alot more sound behind my car now and not as much coming up from the floorboard.
  8. Like I said, ...You went from 3 chambers to 2 chambers :eek:
    I understand you just installed the NEW dynomax kit, believe I'm referring to pre-dynomax ;)
    I have no cats and o/r/h pipe also and 3 chambers and it's pretty tame.
    Again curious to what gears you had installed for the powerband :scratch:
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  9. That's some great info. I have a set of Flowmaster 40s in the garage right now. I've been doing a lot of contemplating since I bought them and I think I'd be better off with some SuperTurbo mufflers or some QuietFlows. I too am past that point in my life where louder always equals better.

    Walker exhaust products usually fit very well since they manufacture a lot of OEM exhaust systems. I have a set of Dynomax 2.5 tailpipes on my car right now attached to some Spintech mufflers. They fit way better than the Flowmaster tails I had previously.
  10. You're right. I did go from 3 to 2 way back in 2003. Along with the 2 chambers I was using a Bassani catted X pipe which helped somewhat quieten the noise. Over the years I got tired of the 2 chamber noise while it still had catts installed.
    This past fall when I installed the offroad H pipe I realized "Holy S--t" I've had enough.

    So, here we are today. I'm finally a "Happy Camper" just feelin all warm and fuzzy with my new exhaust.:)

    I have 3.73 gears so the Drone Masters were ringing my HEAD right at cruising speed.
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  11. I've had my share of Flowmaster products over the years and admittedly I used to love the sound. Thought there was nothing better. I guess I'm getting old because quieter and mellower(is that a word?) is more important to me nowadays.
    I've had Dynomax catbacks on two previous daily driver F150's in my past. Always loved the mellow but performer sound they made. And as you mentioned they were always well put together.

    Now? On my daily drivers, It's stock exhaust only for me.
    Yeah I'm old! LOL
  12. I'm getting old too.