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  1. i seached and read a few thing's about this topic, but it didnt really help answer my q's?... my 1990 gt has a 5 lug swap all around... disc all around and cobra brakes all around... the e-brake handle is still intacted, but there is no cable... now that my car is put up for the winter i thought maybe if nothing else ill do that.. in a recent race at speeds of 125mph i realized i was having trouble stoping... so this question comes to mine, before i just go buy parts and try doin this, i figured i'd ask about what the complications are, difficulty level, tools needed.. and some basic input.. i know this fourm is good for that! i really want to do this my-self is that a good idea or leave it to someone that knows what there doin ?:shrug:
    thanx Steve
  2. You need the proper master cylinder and booster to match the disk brakes, along with a 3-2 coupler and proportioning valve. The simplest thing for you to do is to thoroughly read http://www.svo73mm.cjb.net/. Everything you need to know is there, all the part numbers, what fits and what doesn't, and how to put it together. You may or may not have Cobra brakes, there are a number of ways to get 4 wheel disks. This site will help you determine what you really have and what you need. It includes all the information on modifying the E-brake & what cables you need. It's the site I used to get my 4 wheel disk setup working great & have a fully functional E-brake.
  3. 90 - is your question about hooking up the ebrake or fixing your brakes so they stop well?
  4. my brakes work,... just not that good when i have to stop at 120mph, my question is about the hand brake.... thanks jrichker ill be reading!
  5. WHat brakes do you have?

    If they are SN95 you just need the 3 cables and a small tack weld on the handle
  6. You need the FMS Cables if you have the SN95 Conversion out back and the spring cut and the same tack weld as posted above.

    P/N #s

  7. I have a 93 (4 cyl conversion) and I put a 9" rear end with Explorer disc brakes and I am using the stock e-brake set-up. The only missing piece was the connection between the end of the parking brake cable and the disc brake (drum lever at the wheel). The solution was a tiny u-bolt to attach the cable to the lever. It is now fully functional with OEM parts.
  8. 1993 Mustangs are a different story as they have a different design for handbrake cables.
  9. 1993 mustangs use the same rear cables as the 1994 and up cars. What the difference? The housing runs the full length on the rear cables where on the 92 and prior it does not. Same instructions apply just substitute the 93 rear cables if you have a 93 - not a big deal.
  10. Correct, the cables have the Sheath over them the entire way and there is a mounting bracket in the Driveshaft Tunnel.
  11. i have a 90, the rear end was converted from a sn95/ i think it was a cobra not sure on what year, the guy i bought it from never ran a cable for the hand break, im pritty sure the cable is all i need, but i have disk on all 4 tires now.. that might make a differance? the hand brake is still intacked "meaning its still on the inside of the car" it just dont work theres no cable to stop the car... if i was gonna fix it what would i need, how much and how hard is it ?
    also i have the cobra brake system on the disk.. i know that was talked about up there..
    i raced one night and tryen to stop was difficult at speeds upto 120mph,.. they worked great do to the high speed, i would just like the insurance of a hand break incase it gets outta hand!

    Sorry i left town for 2 days and couldnt keep up with the replys... im back tho! lets talk!
  12. You need 3 Cables total, Ford Racing P/N

    You aso need to pull the handbrake handle out so you can cut the spring, weld the Pawl, and fit the new Adjustable Center Cable. Instructions for the handbrake mod can be found on Ford Racings Web Site under the M2300K Kit.
  13. thanks shaker... ill be looking into that friday when i get paid! do you think its gonna be expensive? and what about the labor ?
  14. The 3 Cables are not too expensive, I know Summit carries them. You can pull the handle out yourself and save a ton on Labor, it just takes a small tack weld.
  15. M2810A is the center cable


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  16. BTW if you have access to a Junk SN95 snag the Brackets off the Lower Control Arms as they hold the cable away from your rear tire so they wont rub.
  17. good looking out! i noticed that today when i was under there looken at it! any idea in cost and difficulty ?
  18. You can see the cost is minimal and the Difficulty Meter is on the Low Side.