E- brake Q ?

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  1. Just out of curiosity, why do you have to weld that bit on the handle? I've got the cables set up and the parking brake seems to work...though it needs some adjustment.
  2. Removing the spring and welding the pawl eliminates the self adjuster in the handle, so you can use the manual adjusting nuts under the car on the center cable. I have mine set up with the stock handle, no weld, and I know it is hard to keep it adjusted right with disc brakes. It worked great for about a year. Now I have to pull the handle 3 or 4 times just to get it to hold the car in place. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. With the manual adjustment, you should be able to keep the cables tight and working properly all the time.

    And a note, cut the whole bent over end of the spring off, not just the edge, so you remove the tension from the spring. You really want to remove the spring completely so it does not rattle.

    Good luck on it.
  3. Exactly. I just cut the whole spring out to avoid the potential rattle. A little time with a grinder is all it took.
  4. thanks for all the help guys... ill be doin this /or next weekend ... i know now what i have to do... thanks again!
  5. I just removed my Spring completely too, I also should have installed the Center Cable BEFORE I welded the Pawl as it was Very Difficult to get in place afterwards.
  6. if i cut out the whole spring, will the handle still operate like it did with a stock cable ???

  7. In order to do the Mods to the H/B you have to cut the Spring, rather than leave it in the handle where it can rattle around and make noise you might as well just remove it like we did.
  8. oh i am going to, but will it still click and lock into place after cutting the spring out ??
  9. The Spring is what holds tension on the Cables, by cutting the Spring and Welding the Pawl you are doing away with that and will have a manual adjustment under the car by a nut on the center cable, and yes the handbrake operates the same way after the Mods.
  10. cool thanks man!!
  11. Will not click anymore but will lock in place.
  12. yeah thats what i was asken.. thanks!!
  13. Also make sure you cut the top tab off (at the yellow line in the picture) or the handle will not go down all the way when it is released.
  14. Mine still clicks as you pull the handle up and you can see the button move in and out every time it clicks.
  15. :scratch: Mine "lost" it's click once I did the conversion. I must admit that I was happy to lose that sound.
  16. I have a 95, yes the parking brake acyuators stick sometimes at the rear brake, I fugured this was because the parking brake cable had slack i it. The hand brake on a 95 is self adjusting if working right! I thought the fix for this was to fix the hand brake back as it was originaly used taking up slach as the cable strechs over time. From with I'm reading here this mod will change everthing and you will be under the car adjusting the cable manualy. Why are you doing this?
  17. the only reason i want it on, is because i was racen down the street at 120+ mph and i have the 5lug swap with disk all around... and stopping my car at that speed, i thought i was gonna lose control.. all i want the break for is when i really need it... i dont plan on using it to stop, just help slow me down. if what your sayen is true i dont mind crawling under the car here and there to fixit myself.. i just thought it would be better to have the break and not use it... then not have the break and need it.. you no what im saying ?
  18. Well that's not really what it's for at all. It's a parking brake. On my cars it will hold the car perfectly still at a stop but is very poor at stopping the car when driving. Hell there have been a few times i've actually driven away from a stop with it on and not even known it. At 120MPH, it probably won't even make a dent at slowing you down. It's made to grab and hold from a dead stop. I wouldn't even want to try to use my parking brake at that speed.

    If your brakes are scary at 120MPH, you have other issues to need to address. My cobra brakes are rock solid at high speed braking
  20. Yep, running without a Handbrake is not really a good idea! Its no big deal to crawl under and adjust it either as it is not required often at all.