E Cam and Twisted Wedge heads? Are stock pistons ok?

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  1. Hi, I have an E cam

    Advertised duration: 282 intake/282 exhaust
    Duration at .050 in. cam lift: 220 intake/220 exhaust
    Gross valve lift: .498 in. intake/.498 exhaust
    Lobe separation: 110 degrees

    in my car and I want to install Trick Flow Twisted Wedge Heads in my Car next summmer. My question is, will I have pistons to vavle clearence problems. Will I need new pistons or will I be ok?

    Supposedly my car has Trickflow pistons already in it, I dont know if there real trickflow pistons or just pistons ready for Trickflow heads, or the person was lying?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. The E303 will fit fine w/ the TFS heads..
  3. Thanks for info,

    so I dont need new pistons if I dont have Trickflow pistons in mine?
  4. Its not the lift that you have to worry about. Its the duration. The E cam is by far safe.
  5. Twisted Wedge Heads and an e cam is what I have in my car. Many will say that the e cam is archaic. With a good intake the combo is good for around 300 hp.
  6. Ford Racing will tell you to check p to v with that cam; you'll probably be ok, but if you aren't it's an expensive lesson to learn. It's quite easy to measure it, and it's the only way to be certain that your combo has the clearance it needs, especially since there's uncertainty about what pistons are in it. With all due respect to others that say you'll be ok because they are - when it comes to tolerances measured in hundredths, no 2 combos are alike. And measuring will teach you a whole bunch about how your engine operates. You need minimums of .080" on intake and .100" on exhaust to be certain that at high revs, or with floated valves on a missed shift you'll have the clearance you need and not bend any valves/pushrods.

    Here's a link with more info: http://www.geocities.com/jjonibones/PVC.html
  7. i run a f-303 with tfs tw over .100 of clearance on Intake and exhaust :nice: :nice:
  8. No problem at all with that setup. It will definately work just fine.
  9. Are you running a dual spring setup, or just the single ones that came on the TW heads?
  10. reply 2 f-cam

    i am currently running the same setup with what you are talking about and the only difference is i am running the x303 cam so i know u will be fine. my setup is bout as close at it can get and i know u will be fine!
  11. what size valves are in the TW heads, i have powerheads and have 1.90 intake and 1.60 exhaust and I am considering either the B cam or the trickflow stage 1 complimented with 1.7 RR, do you think I will have enough clearence on both and do both have a pretty lopey idle?

  12. Single springs. with 1.6 crane RR.
  13. Old combo was e-cam, tfs wedge heads,1.6 rockers, 306(ross pistons, eagle rods, stock crank), holley upper and lower, 36 lb injectors, stock fuel rails, acccufab t/b ect ect, dynoed at 475 rwhp :nice:
  14. I ran an X303 with the same heads last summer, which was supposedly not possible, but im pretty sure your clearances should be fine, still, doesnt hurt to check.
  15. :scratch: Are you serious? What's included in that "etc etc" after the accufab tb - 'cause, no offense intended, that combo doesn't sound like a 475 rwhp setup. Like I said, honestly no offense intended - I'm just curious. :)

  16. I have the same exact setup as you except for stock cobra intake and e-303 cam but everything ekse is identical and I ran a 12.70 at 107... Seems to be the norm.. Good setup in my opinion..fairly cheap to compared to others...
  17. OH my bad..15psi also from the s-trim (completely slipped my mind)
  18. HAHAHA, oh yeah that little detail. that's funny.
  19. My bad, seriously... :D
  20. DOH!! :bang: Yeah, that would do it. That IS funny.... never heard of an s-trim thrown in with "etc etc" before... :rolleyes: just kidding