E for Extreme - the Saleen S302E Ford Mustang

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  1. You have got to see the latest and greatest from Saleen is the incredible Saleen S302E Ford Mustang. This sexy S197 packs a serious punch with plenty of show and go. A built-and-blown 302 ci powerplant takes this Ford Mustang from nil to sixty in just under 4 seconds and leads to quarter miles times under the 12 second mark! This feat is accomplished by 620hp / 600lb-ft of torque?plenty to go around. The speed is just part of the attractiveness equation?the Saleen 302E is possibly the sharpest aftermarket S197 Ford Mustang we?ve seen yet. Take a closer look inside! View attachment 345703 </img> View attachment 345705 </img> View attachment 345707 </img> View attachment 345709 </img> View attachment 345711 </img> View attachment 345713 </img>

  2. Sweet Jesus I want one!
  3. :stupid: I can only dream:(