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  1. How come I dont get them? , I used to but not anymore . I have my E-mail address set up and highlighted the box for E-mail notifications when there is a reply to a post .

    does it have something to do with AOL and all their weird filters?

  2. Probaly, are you sure you are suscribing to the threads?
  3. Yes , I'm 100% sure I susbscribe , I even go to the Tools section and click on subscribe and still no e-mail!
  4. I bet it's AOL related...

    AOL is the Devil!

  5. aol must think stangnet is :spam:
  6. anyone know hoe to get around this?
  7. Try this for me.

    1. Change your settings to "no email notification" or "do not subscribe".
    2. Log out.
    3. Clear the cookies related to this site, or all of them, if you so choose.
    4. Log back in.
    5. Change your settings to whatever subscription method you want.
    6. Log out.
    7. Close your browser, delete the cache/temporary internet files' contents.
    8. Open browser, log back in, check your setting, and try out the subscription feature.

    If that does not work, we'll see what might be wrong.
  8. Thank you , I'll try that now
  9. Still no luck , any other suggestions?:shrug:
  10. I am not receiving notifications either. And I went through and performed all the steps above:shrug: Oh and I don't use AOL, I am on RoadRunner.