E303 cam?

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  1. I plan on getting a Trick Flow 1500-6500 RPM intake, and was wondering if I should get a cam. Would the E303 cam help at all without heads? I can't afford heads right now... Hell, I'm still looking for a car. But I plan on having full exhaust, Trick Flow intake, and maybe a cam... Hopefully later some good heads. Any help?
    Also, are cams hard to install? What about heads? I've done no engine work before. Are headers hard to install too? Most exhaust work I've done it H-pipe and catback.


  2. Oh man, are you in for a rude awakening. First, yes, you should get a cam. The thing is that you should really get the entire H/C/I combo at once. We only have one cam, and if you've never done engine work, good luck. Doing a cam and heads with no experience is like jumping into a pool filled with sharks. Better start reading up now. Now, headers on our cars arent hard but in my experience, one of the biggest pain in the asses i've had to deal with. There is no room to work and you have to get creative when you pull the headers out so you dont **** anything up. The first time i did my headers, it took me 5 hours. I wanted to die. Its mostly frustrating not so much hard. When it took me 10 hours for my first Procharger supercharger and compared it to headers, it was an awakening. Well, good luck with everything. Choosing a stang is the correct choice!
  3. This isn't my first mustang. I had a 95 GT last year, but I sold it this last august. It was an auto, and had an oil leak =, (. Where should I read up on how to install a cam/heads? I can't afford to do everything at once. I'm gonna be keeping two cars and paying insurance on both. Should I still get an E303 cam with jsut an after market intake? Or should I wait and buy the cam and heads together? Any good books on engine work? Thanks again!

  4. The best book in the world for all cars is the Haynes book. I think everyone on this forum has it. The E303 and the intake would be good from what i hear. I heard the E303 is a mild cam that is N/A and boost friendly. What you should do is buy part by part over a period of time, then go for it all at once. Thats how I go about my mods. That way you can knock everything out in one go and not worry about going back to the same spot and repeat steps. Give it time, thats what makes driving the after affect so great. And believe me when i tell you, replacing those 3 items in one go and then driving it is like hopping into a cobra with mods. Remember, the Haynes book is the best.
  5. I don't think I could resist not putting parts that I have in. It about killed me to have my 3.73s laying around in my garage for a week. THAT was a well-worth mod. Anyway. I think I'll go grab me one of those manuals... Study up before I get my stang. Hopefully I'll be getting a job at O'Reillys, so I can save on car parts. Then I'll get the cam, intake, and find some exhaust. Thanks man!

  6. yeah...i dont think it is that hard. get a haynes and read it for a good week or so and get an idea of how to do it before you start. just make sure you LABEL EVERY BOLT!! use a cardboard piece and stick each one in....and i mean each one. dont you dare say "i will remember were this one goes" cause you wont. save yourself the trouble :) . on that note, my pops and i took out my engine about 2 months ago. never did that before and all i had was a haynes. just make sure you tighten everything to spec and get high quality everything just to be safe.

    i got an e303 in mine. its got a nice idle to it and sounds great after my longtubes just went in the other day. much more pronounced. they are cheap and people will say there are better ones out there which there are but its your choice. any questions im here to help and so is everyone else. i read pm's a lil more than all the threads but there are tons of people here that know their stuff and will help out with anything. god knows i ran into some problems with mine and other people's help made it all the easier
  7. HAYNES, HAYNES, HAYNES ... the mustang bible. And any car for that matter. The parts that you want to install minus the headers are going to be tricky. I have have installed a decent amount of parts on my vert. I found the haynes book to be very helpful. I buy that book for every car I own even my beater. They have good tips but make sure you "READ" it 3 times over at least before you even loosen your first bolt. Any trouble we all are here for you. PM me if you need help with anything. If I can help I will.

    By the way I have a E-303 cam in my car, as well as Performer Intake, Performer Aluminum heads, MAC powder coated shorty headers, Pro Chamer H, Flowmasters *and much more*... I love the sound and performance (my neighbours don't though) :D I have received 2 letters about my car from the condo board. You know what I say to them Piss Off and drive your Sh**ty little Honda. :rlaugh:
  8. I would start off with a TFS stage 1 cam over an e303. the split profile will favor the exhaust a bit more which is where the stock heads need help. If I was going to do a cam in a mostly stock motor, I would toss in a stage 1