E303 cam

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by wes 1977, Dec 11, 2009.

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  1. for sale ford motersport E cam low miles 75.00
  2. Put me in line for the cam. PM sent
  3. cam

    call you later to day
  4. trade for a Comp XE274HR roller cam with just idle time?
  5. cam

    whats specs on that cam
  6. u still got the cam and do u have the cam card with it

  7. HYDRAULIC ROLLER CAM: 2500 stall, 3.55-3.73 gears,

    better heads, intake and fuel system

    Camshaft Specs:

    Part Number 35-518-8
    Engine 1986-1995 Ford
    Grind Number FW XE274HR-12


    Intake Exhaust
    Valve Adjustment 0 0
    Gross Valve Lift 0.555 0.565
    Duration At 0.006 Tappet Lift 274 282


    Valve Timing At 0.006
    Open Close
    Intake 29 65
    Exhaust 77 25


    These Specs Are For The Cam Installed At 108 Intake CL
    Intake Exhaust
    Duration At 0.05 224 232
    Lobe Lift 0.348 0.354
    Lobe Separation 112
  8. F is good for a mild blower set up
  9. I will send the money asap if you have it!
  10. cam

    call me at 309 333-9799
  11. what year car did it come out of if it was a 87-93 i would trade a cervinis hood i am try to get rid of
  12. the cams 4 87-93 dont want hood can get pics of cam
  13. Wes, PM'd you about the cam again. Frank
  14. cam

    the cam i have listed is a e cam not f . sorry
  15. Can send payment via paypal ASAP if you still have it. I can do other forms of payment too. PM me more info on the cam, pics, and your contact info. You sure it's an E303, correct?

    How many miles on the cam?

  16. cam

    i was told it was f cam but when I took it out of the box it appears to be an e cam to me. It looks like it was double stamped but the e stands out so I am assuming it is an e. That is my personal opinion. It has about 1500 miles and 4 1/8 passes. can send pics of cam if you want them.
  17. Yeah send me some pics
    [email protected]

    You say you have the box for the cam? Or just a general box?

    Anyways, let me know.
  18. still available?
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