Engine E303 Camshaft With Afr 165cc Sbf "renegade" 20° Street Head?

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  1. I am the original owner of a 1995 GTS. It has 93,000 miles. I have installed 1 5/8 BBK equal length headers and edelbrock free flow SS exhaust. It has 8" 3.27 rear gears and a stage 2 clutch.

    I want to put AFR 165cc SBF "Renegade" 20° Street Heads on it. I think, I want to use an E303 camshaft. Will I have any problems with this combination?

    I am also planing to use the Edelbrock RPM II intake. Will this be a problem with my strut tower brace?

    Lastly, will this combination allow me to supercharge, at 8lb or less, later on? What superchargers should I consider and why?
  2. Lots of questions in one post. That's ok though. Pretty much any intake is going to interfere with a stock strut tower brace. It's unfortunate, but you pretty much have to remove it, or replace it with an aftermarket one that bends forward of the intake.

    The E cam will work just fine, but it is an outdated cam, and there are much better options out there if you want more power and driveability.

    Most of the aftermarket blowers work well. The best choices would be a Vortech, Paxton, or ProCharger. All work well, and I would choose based on what deal I found on a used one. If you want to run an intercooler with it, the ProCharger is set up to do that from the factory. You do have to relocate the battery to mount a Procharger though. The Vortech mounts on the passenger side and doesn't require battery relocation. It is very hard to make it work with an intercooler though.

  3. I would take a slightly different approach. I'd purchase and run the largest heads that I could find that also retains the smog crossover at the rear of the heads (if emissions are a concern). None of the letter cams would ever even come up in conversation for me.
  4. I've never even considered the smog provisions in the back. I always remove the thermactor anyway. It's never been an issue for passing emissions.

  5. Yeah... I'm retired military and always had to ensure that I could pass emissions in any state, regardless of how anal they were. I never knew when I might have to pull stakes and move.
  6. This is all great info! What are some good cams to look at? I would like to keep all the power below 6K RPM. I would really appreciate any ideas.

  7. That's really the wrong question to ask.

    The question to ask is what cam should you run with X combo once that combo is fully defined.

    Throttle body
    Mass air size
    SC or NA etc.

    If you're using the stock bottom end, Large heads, Cobra upper and lower (or something larger), a good off the shelf cam might be the N51. To me at least, the cam is the final part that acts as the lynch pin to pull the rest of the combo together. I generally put the pieces and parts together then fill out a cam card for an expert to figure the rest.
  8. Okay, lets try this.
    Heads = AFR 165cc or 185cc
    Intake = Edelbrock RPM II
    Pistons and lower stock
    Throttle body = Whatever it needs
    Mass air = Whatever it needs
    I honestly don't know if I want to supercharge it or not.

    What camshafts do you guys think I should consider?
  9. The cam is going to be very dependent on whether or not you want to run a supercharger.