Engine E7 Valve Spring Upgrade Suggestions.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Coniac, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. Got a 87 with unknown miles. About to throw some 1.7 rockers on there to go with the E303 cam.

    The heads are ported e7 steel heads what would be a decent set of vavle springs to get?
    I've read that the trick flow TFS-2500100 can be a good choice.

    Any other suggestions? ?
  2. Before you go to far with this project, what exactly do you know about the port work on the heads?
  3. Unless you are in love with those heads or running Trophy Stock, I wouldn't invest a dime in E7's.
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  4. Agreed.
    I figured i'd ask on the off chance he had some that were documented to be well ported.

    Realistically i too wouldn't dream of spending any time or money on a cam or springs for e7's.
    If they were really ported right, whoever did it probably would of changed the springs already.
  5. Let's say the heads were free or are for a stock appearing class. Can we answer the spring question?
  6. For approximately your extra .535 lift from .498 with 1.7 rollers the Gt40 springs are within the specs. Some like them, some don't but your lift is not so extreme so either kit would work fine IMO.
  7. Cam is in the car already. Was going to change the heads to gt40 heads but didn't because the e7 looked ported so it's the same stock gt40 ported e7.
    It's a boost car so I'm not worried too much about heads I can still make the power I want.

    I have new 1.7 rockers laying around I figured that would help a bit so I just wanted to freshen up the springs.

    If it wasn't a stock block I would get better heads but with my setup it's a waste of money.
  8. If I'm "ADDing" to normal NA use, blower, n02, .... then if it were me I would make darn sure the springs can handle the extra load response etc, ....get better ones than what I just said IMO.
  9. So what should I get then? Thanks
  10. Call comp cams and see what they say.
  11. I've been running stock remanufactured springs on my e7's with 1.6 rr/e303 for 3 years. Not exactly the same so don't know how much help this is. I'm with Grabbin' call Comp or another cam manufacture for their recommendation.
  12. I ran a cam close to an E with 1.7's and the valves floated.
    My stupidity for even putting a cam in there with E7's.
  13. Someone must have upgraded the springs when porting my E7s and putting in the cam. I have all the supporting parts for an eventual head upgrade on already, and it sure out scoots a stock head and cam motor. I am looking forward to TFS or AFR heads someday. With well ported E7s, I do not think GT40p's would be worth the time.
  14. Look up powerheads and thumpers.
    Those are well ported professionally done E7's. The power heads are actually Cnc'ed.
    They also produce less power than stock gt40 irons or P's, which is why you no longer hear about them around here anymore. The firestone tire disaster was the best thing that ever happened to the mustang hot rodder. Pretty much put an unlimited supply of gt40 heads on the market.

    But if you must, i'm pretty sure springs that go gt40 heads will also work on E7's. Just do a little more research, info has got to be somewhere around here. Or check into what powerheads or thumper used.