Early 302 Block Questions

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  1. My friend has a 1973 302 shortblock out of a quadravan. Is this block worth using in a fox body? Will the motor mounts, AOD, and accessories bolt up? I'd like to build a stroker while the car runs the original 5.0
  2. Do the '73 and '92 blocks require a different dizzy?
  3. I don't know why you'd want to do this considering that there is no benefit to doing it, but who am I to question someone for what they do?

    As far as fitting, it is the same as a 5.0,
    The early engine will not be set up for a roller cam typical of what you'd see in a later 5.0. You will have to use a retro fit roller lifter to use a later model hydraulic roller in the engine. The distributor that comes in that engine will need to have the distributor gear changed to one compatible w/ that cam.
    The timing cover will have a dipstick in it as early 302's came w/ front sump pans. So conversely, you'll have to block that, and acquire a double sump pan,dipstick, oil pump, and pickup tube.

    Early 302's did not use the same ductile iron content as the later blocks do, so if you are planning on keeping it forever, it will wear faster (cylinder wall) than the venerable 5.0.

    Early 302's were 28oz imbalance engines, 5.0's are 50 oz imbalance engines. You'll need the flywheel/flexplate that goes with the engine as well.
  4. What @madmike1157 said. The early blocks are also 2 piece rear main seal, inferior to the later 1-piece seal.

    Some people claim the early blocks are slightly stronger than the later blocks, but that may be bunk.
  5. Thanks guys, New to Ford. Had to ask. I knew about the lifters but that was about it. I thought it would be nice to build while the car runs the factory 302.
  6. ^^^^ words of wisdom listed above, too many negative reasons why.
  7. You can pick up a bare 302 roller block for probably $100 if you look around. Try craigslist and other for sale spots.

  8. Check out the balancer you use to make sure it has the right three or four bolts for your crank pulley. There was a good write up on this I hope search will find for you. If you mix the balances up it will do the shimmy shimmy shake by 2k rpm.
    I would not consider this unless it was a long block with accessories. A ready to go for a stroker bare block or even a basic reman. long block is just not that expensive.