Easter Bunny is teh devil?

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  1. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,189158,00.html

    :scratch: I tot dat girls were teh devil...

    If I lived in St Paul, Minnesota and I wasn't standing in front of the court house right now with the Minnesota National Guard then I would expect to be :ban: from the United States of America
  2. boo hoo, he offended me......I am so tired of this crap!
  3. Wow people need to grow up, liberals are turning our nation into a bunch of playboy fairy boys that piss and whine over everything. Seriously, GROW THE **** UP!!! If you don't like it don't look, I am not Christian or of any faith, and I could care less. Let people do what they want, it's not like the sign said, GO JESUS, **** THE REST!!!!! It said "Happy Easter". If we keep going the way we are, censorship will dominate everything, and lawyers will rule the world.
  4. +100

    I think this is out of hand! People need to grow a pair and get over it.
  5. Stuff like this is putting america in the toilet. Sorry if I offended anyone for saying that, but maybe your lawyer and my lawyer can meet for lunch and increase the national debt by suing the insurance companies.
  6. lol... thats pretty funny
  7. Somebody should ship these people to their own island. This way they can make up whatever stupid rules they want, and we dont have to live with it.

  8. NO NO ship them to the middle east and let them live there!!! emo ***s!!!
  9. The government talks a lot of crap about acceptance of all cultures and races and creeds. So wouldn't you say that by banning christian symbols from anywhere, if a damn bunny is a Christian symbol and not a Pagan symbol, that we are not accepting of the Christian faith? I bet someone would get sued over a building taking down the Menorah or a star of David. I cannot grasp how our government has lost whatever balls they may have had over meaningless crap as this. Offend the majority to please some whiny, pansy, hippie, sue-happy, overbearing, overprotective, egotisitcal, gonadless sack of excrement. Makes me sick to my stomach!:notnice:
  10. Did you guys read the story about the Gun and Knife show below it... makes my stomach turn :mad:
  11. Im going to quote arnold schwartzen**** or w/e the hell his name is "STOP WHINING" :rlaugh: