"Easy/Beginner" mods for '07 GT

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  1. Hello Stangnet,

    I aquired my first Mustang about a week ago (a 2007 Grabber Orange GT) and am looking in to start doing some mods on it.

    My question is, are there any mods that I can do to "get me started" that don't require a lot of car knowledge/major mechanical work?

    I've always been a car lover, but don't really know a whole lot about them :shrug: So hopefully someone can point in the right direction here. I was thinking maybe an axle-back exhaust or visual mods? I don't have a lift or dyno or tuner (or even a garage for that matter :() so I feel I'm a tad limited in what I can do.

    Thanks in advance for any help,
    Drew (feel free to ignore my odd forum name, long story :rolleyes:)
  2. A good Cold Air Induction kit and a hand held tune device is extremely easy!!!
  3. Yes, a good CAI (JLT, C&L, Steeda, etc) and a SCT tuner should be a starting point. American Muscle or one of the other tuners you see mentioned here on the site can hook you up.

    Axleback exhaust (mufflers) can be a PITA though. Alot of the aftermarket mufflers can cause a horrible drone in the cabin at 1600 to 2000 rpm's. Been there, done that. The drone drove me nuts. Some of the more expensive systems wont do that. I have Corsa's on my '09, pricey, but I love them, they sound great with no drone at all.
  4. No drone on my inexpensive BoomTubes. I agree with CAI/Tuner and Axle Back exhaust. :nice:
  5. what exactly is this "drone" i keep reading about? Is there any way to produce a drone with stock exhaust so I can get an idea of what to expect?

    I think I'm definitely gonna look into a Cold Air Intake. Do I need to get a "kit" with a tuner. One of the guys says I can just put on the intake and be fine, but somehow I find that hard to believe.
  6. To get maximum power you will need a tuner
  7. Drone is just a really annoying tone the exhaust hits the resonates thru the interior. Stock exhaust won't do it. Seems to happen in roughly the 1600 to 2100rpm (varies by muffler) range under light load, like a cruise.

    The 04 and older cars could handle a CAI without a tune, but the newer ones pretty much need a tune. If they don't need a tune, they aren't going to help much.
  8. 2007 GT mods

    The only way I have been able to solve the "droning problem" is to turn the radio UP really loud...

    Nothing I have tried other than that works...

    My car drones at about 30 MPH and again at about 60 MPH...

    Driving at any other speed = no droning...

  9. Longtubes were not a bad DIY. Did them myself over the weekend in the garage on jackstands. I would classify my auto knowledge / experience as "just enough to be dangerous."

    Cat or axleback is easy to do on jackstands or ramps.

    Put in a billet grille if thats your thing, mine took a couple hours with a dremel since I took the cheap way out to do that one.

    Change or remove the spoiler is another easy appearance mod.

    I hear underdrive pulleys are not too bad to do either.

    Get a tuner and find someone who can do the tuning for you, sooner the better as many other mods like a decent CAI will need it.