Easy Front Control Arm Bushing Install??

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  1. Just ordered some new front control arm bushings for my 91 fox and was wondering if there is an easy way to install them? One side at a time maybe? I just don't have time to take it all apart in one day and don't have money for a shop. Any suggestions would help!
  2. If this is your daily driver I suggest you go to a salvage yard and buy another set of control arms to work on at your leisure.

    The hardest and most time consuming part for me was getting the old bushings out. Putting the new urethane ones in was a breeze. I also replaced the ball joints at the same time since it was apart.
  3. Pffft.

    5 minutes, TOPS.

    1. Torch
    2. Heat the bushing end of C/A until the bushing just starts to ooze.
    3. Whack smoldering bushing w/ hammer and a piece of wood the diameter of the bushing.
    4. Watch old bushing continue to burn, only on the outside of control arm.
  4. You're going to have to do it all in one day. The control arms have to come out and you have to realign it afterwards. One way to save time if you have never done bushings is to remove the control arms yourself and pay someone else to do the bushings.

  5. I simply offered a suggestion to the OP. My car is not a daily driver anymore and could sit in the garage until I got it done.