Easy Wiring Advice for '68 Fastback

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  1. Easy Radio Wiring Advice for '68 Fastback

    Hi Gang,

    I'm hoping to install my sound system in my '68 in the next couple of weeks. I'm trying to get all my diagrams and stuff worked out before hand, and was hoping I could get some insight from the experts here on a wiring question I ran into.

    My head unit (I'm not telling you what model it is...you'll just laugh at me :nonono:) has two power wires I need to connect.

    - The first is red in color and the instructions say "to the +12 V power terminal which is energized in the accessory position of the ignition key switch."

    - The second is yellow in color and the instructions say "to the +12 V power terminal which is energized at all times."

    I was wondering if someone would mind looking over these two 1968 wiring diagrams and tell me which two wires I should hook the red and yellow leads into.


    Also, my head unit has a 10amp fuse in the rear. Do I need to also put inline fuses in the red and yellow wires coming into the head unit? If so, what sizes?

    Thanks so much for your help!

  2. could not get to see your diagrams,
    from my book the radio keyed source is #137 yellow-black stripe.
    hook the red wire to that.
    the yellow wire from your head unit needs a constant 12v source for clock and memory, hook it to the fuse block where there is power on all the time.
    the fuse in the unit will handle protection.


    ps. next time post this in tech section. :)
  3. Thanks Pabear!