eaton, according to car and driver.

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  1. Just got the latest copy of Car and Driver.

    Big spread on the new Cobra.

  2. Yeah, this really sucks! However they did say the new car will ship with 285/40R18s in the back instead of the 255s.

    The eaton is making getting a GT and Putting the KenneBell on it looking very attractive.

  3. 5.4 > 4.6
    Shelby s suspension > GT's
    6 speed tranny > GT's sucky 3650 :notnice:
    forged internals.... Priceless :nice:

    I wouldn't try to save a few thousand and blow your warranty just to find out you should have got the car that was done correctly. Many GT's are running KBs in the 99+ models but they aren't Cobras and it'd be hard to sell the GT when your ready for a new ride IMO.
  4. It is an eaton but its the probably about the same efficiency as a kb or whipple
  5. :nono: :nono: :nono:

    that would be defying physics.

    However, with an Eaton on there the claim of 450bhp is probably more realistic than exceeds 450bhp.

    It will be one fast car regardless and a 4.6 with a twin screw will struggle to keep up bhp wise (equiverlant mod for equiverlant mod).
  6. I hear you, but when the GT500 comes out, you'll be able to get a GT with incentives for like $22k vs. $40k+ for the GT500. That buys alot of mods! In addition, C&D writes that the GT500 Engine is 175lbs heavier! I am guessing a KB on a 05 GT will easily put down 500RWHP. Spend 3k to make it handle and another $1.5k on wheels and tires and you're still $10k less than the GT500. :confused:
  7. The article also said that although the Lysholm twin screw gives more top end (untimate HP) "...the Roots is a little fatter in the mid range. We think that owners will be satisfied with this setup."
  8. Send the eaton to apton get it ported for about $600, pick up 40 rwho and be happy.
  9. You forgot to add $2000+ to build your shortblock so it doesn't blow up halfway down the strip with 500 RWHP, several more thousand to upgrade the Tremec 3650 or replace it with a stronger unit that can handle the torque that a KB'd 4.6 will put out.

    But really, if price is your only object, why not skip the 05 GT, and go straight for a 87-95 Fox or SN95 GT, upgrade the handling, braking, and suspension, and drop in a turbo'd 427 ci and a TKO 600, which will give you upwards of 1000 HP and corner carving to boot for around $25K?
  10. Yeah but reading between the lines on all that I've seen so far I would say that is marketing BS

    The Whipple was only running 8-8.5psi

    The Eaton is @ 10psi and there could be other changes too (Tune & cam specs). Like for like basis the twin screw blower will produce more power & torque than a roots ANYWHERE in the rpm range.
  12. sorry have I missed the launch of a new 4.6 Blower Cobra since the 04? :rlaugh:

    That had 390bhp SAE Net. And you ocan argue it produced more til you are blue in the face, but that is what it is rated at by Ford, and there is enough evidance to beleive it to be pretty accurate.

    So to be a road legal car meeting all of the emission/economy and cost requirements, regulations and laws 450bhp is probably spot on.

    390bhp / 4.6 litres = 84.78bhp per litre (03/4 Cobra)

    84.78 X 5.4 litres = 457.8bhp SAE Net (educated guess for Shelby 500 with an Eaton)
  13. You really can't go by that, you have to see what the engine is rated at once finished. You can't guess as sometimes simple changes can create a huge difference. All you can say for sure is more than 450hp and less than 550hp.

  14. i agree, a guy can't even begin to make assumptions about the different blowers (and power outputs that will be seen by their addition) unless they have the manufacturers data curve sheets sitting in front of them with the same test conditions (T, Patm, humidity, etc.) and the relative Free Air Delivery of each. you have a point that a screw type compressor typically has less frictional losses, and a greater volumetric efficiency than the roots type, but the bottom line is the different amounts of O2/Vol. (given that the amount of fuel is stoichiometrically corrected) delivered to the engine. you also mentioned that there are different types of brake horse power...? there is only 1 deffinition of power P= F ds/dt (or a derivation of this formula). there are other variables that will cause differences, not the units used in the calculation.
  15. A quote from someone who should know something about the GT-500 engine.

    "between 450 and 500 horsepower - how's that?"

    Johhny O'Connell, Ford VP - C&D July 2005
  16. doh!!!!!!! :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang: :bang:

    Thats what the SAE standard is, well at least part of it. As it dictates what the conditions must be to acheive a reading. :bang: :bang:

    Its not about the formula for the measurement, like you can have km/h and mph. They are measured the same but the corresponding numbers will be different.

    This is the same with engine output but is often over looked as the same generic term horse power is used to describe different scales of measurement - go look it up!

    Just the same as octane ratings for fuel. In the UK a regular fuel is 95 octane, whereas you guys in the states will have 91 or 93 octane as a premium fuel. Well who has the highest octane rating?

    Neither, as they are different scales, the UK fuel is rated as 95 RON where as in the US it is usually rated on the PON scale.

    95 RON is about equal to 91 PON
    thus our 'superunleaded' 97 RON is then equal to 93 PON. (or as near as damn it)
  17. The 03/04 Cobra Ford rated at 390hp is making 360rwhp to 380rwhp on a dyno. That's a bit more than 390 at the crank more like 425 to 440hp. Now a 5.4 with can make 500hp at the crank easy. It doesn't matter to me what Ford wants to claim, the dyno is a better indicator IMO. :shrug: My little Mach as you can see make a little more than 305hp, it's close to 330hp a little off too. Seems Ford had a hard time doing math in the 03/04 model years after the 99 Cobra screw up......... :spot:
  18. Its not about the formula for the measurement, like you can have km/h and mph. They are measured the same but the corresponding numbers will be different.

    This is the same with engine output but is often over looked as the same generic term horse power is used to describe different scales of measurement - go look it up!

    it is about the formula. and its not different scales (1hp=1hp, you can't scale the same root values down, that doesn't make any sense). it's about the test methods, like you mentioned. the scaled correction factor will be used in these methods not the units reported.
  19. You are so dum!

    1 metric HP has a different value to 1 Imperial HP, it is that simple.

    Same goes for wieghts and measures, 1 US gallon is smaller than 1 Imperial gallon.

    1 Imperial ton weighs less than 1 metric tonne.

    1bhp SAE Net has a different value to 1PS

    If you really don't get then I wash my hands of you! :fuss:

    Where are these Cobra's making 380rwhp stock NEVER seen one.

    360rwhp - yes. but 360 what. It won't be SAE Net hp that has been measured. And you are also assuming the STUPID 15% rule is accurate.

    People seriously can't really be this stupid. I mean you are using a keyboard and mouse to access this site :bang:

    If you really beleive that 03/4 Cobra's produced 425+bhp then they would have to be one of the most dissapointing performance cars of the last few years, as they should be a lot faster than they are, I me come on the Cobra R will post the same performance figures stock for stock. How much HP did it have - - - is that 385bhp I hear. Almost identical to a stock Cobra, so again its no wonder they produce similar ET's.
  20. People been using the 15% figure since before you and I were born son, grow up. It's as good as any figure you can give. Which is a bunch of BS.