Eaton M90 on a fox?!?!

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  1. A Friend of mine has a buick regal with an eaton M90 supercharger on it and he is parting out the car i was wondering if anyone has ever used one of these on a fox body before?:shrug:
  2. how do you plan on making that work? or is that what your asking?
  3. lol I was asking if it was possible.
  4. i seriously doubt it. unless you can find a base that mates the supperchager to the heads. you cant directly take one from another so to speak. The only company i know of that makes a roots/twin srew charger is kenne bell. i have seen someone rig there own base up and mount the supercharger off of a supercoupe so its not totaly impossible. i just dont think you will find a lower intake to mate it up. and im not even sure if the m90's case is exactly the same on all cars. it might have different flanges and mounting points.



    Monster "custom" FEAD:
  5. Thats pretty cool!
  6. that's a lot of work to make those twin screws work on that t-bird. unless you have a welder or know someone who can make all of the stuff, it doesnt seem worth it.
  7. i asked about that a while back. and from what everyone says its just toooooo much work. a whole lot of fabbing.
  8. i have seen a few m90s on mustangs with 5.0 it look like a lot of work. but for some one that dose that kind of work it not hard just have to cut and make the stuff kinda just like if your making a home made turbo kit still have to cut and weld. last time i seen a m90 on a 5.0 every thing stock 15 psi just had gt40 intake and headers and the fuel system to run car when 11.90. if you now how to make the stuff cheat and easy way to go fast the junkyard here sales the m90 for 60$ as is. lot of people say the m90 is to small for a 5.0 if way why did bbk made the kit. aso on the 5.0s with a stock crank lot of boost will brake the crank
  9. where can i buy the short snout for the m90:shrug:
  10. The M90 that works best on the mustang which is also the same unit on the old BBK instacharger is the on from the 3.8 on the T-Bird. The M90 that is used on GM cars is different. I would suggest getting one from a older T-Bird.

    This is a picture of two Ford M90s that were made for a T-Bird. I am in the process of fabricating one of these to work on my mustang.
  11. Probably a dumb question, but how come nobody makes a lower intake to mate up with m90? They can be had for so cheap I would think that it would be a popular mod if it was possible.
  12. it can be bolted to it. it will be every $$$$ would have to make a custom lower but can be done. lot of things can be done with metal if nowing how to work with it
  13. thanks for the help guys! Guess i will just wait and get a procharger at the end of the summer.:D
  14. Because throughout the years, Ford used 3 different Generations of the M90 on their Thunderbirds and XR7's. Each had different shaped inlets, with different mounting points, which would require the need to fab up 3 different style inlets for the kits. Probably not all that cost efficient for mass production.

  15. There were three different generations but the housing and mounting does not change. I have a third gen with coated rotors and also a 1st gen with bare aluminum rotors. In 1989, 1990 the rotors were bare aluminum. In 1992 thru 1993 the rotors were gray epoxy coated. There were small changes between the generations and all fit universally. So if you get one from a T-bird then it will work. Just don't get one from a GM vehicle because of its akward size housing which makes it difficult to mount.

    The main obstacles are as follows:

    1. Buy a Ford M90.
    2. Get a crank pulley and belt from a Vortech or Paxton that will have the standard six rib for the accessories and the eight rib for the blower. This is the best route but it is possible to run the blower off the six rib accessory belt.
    3. Relocate the the alternator to the location of the smog pump.
    4. Build a bracket for the supercharger to mount in the original location of the alternator. Install the belt and fabricate a tensioner on the slack side of the belt. A standard Ford tensioner will work.
    5. Remove the EGR spacer and throttle body and buy some 3'' aluminum tubing and elbows and fabricate a tubing to the blower outlet to the upper intake inlet.
    6. Mount a cone style filter in the fender, then mount the MAF, next mount the throttle body , and lastly fabricate a plenum to the supercharger inlet. The throttle body needs to be moved to the supercharger inlet and make an EGR block off plate at the upper intake. This also will require a longer throttle cable.
    7. Make sure to mount a bypass valve between the inlet tubing and the outlet tubing. Magnuson makes a universal one or you could use the one on the T-bird with some fabricating. (
    8. Buy a 255lph intank fuel pump.
    9. Buy 42lb or 38lb injectors and matching MAF. Or buy 30 lb with an fmu if boost is limited to 6-8psi.
    10. Enjoy the increased power that this roots style supercharger will give you.

    This is alot cheaper than paying $1500-$2500 for a kit. You will need access to a welder that will weld aluminum (preferrably TIG). And access to a mill will be helpful.:nice:

    Here are some pics of the actual BBK kit that use the Ford M90.
  16. You're forgetting that the inlets are different between the different generation M90s. The earlier 1st and 2nd Gen units use oval port inlets, where the 3rd Gen units use square port inlets. When I was reffering to their "mounting points" it wasn't with regards to the mounting points of the blower itself, but with regards to where the holes were drilled for the inlet port. Not a big deal, as long as you're willing to fab up your own intake elbow to match the inlet port of the specific Generation blower.