Eaton M90 supercharger???

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  1. Eaton M90
    Has anyone ever seen one of these on a 3.8??
    I think they are mainly used on GM products.

    Anyone think this supercharger might be good on the stock 3.8??

    corect me is i am wrong, but I would think it would be much the same set-up as the 03 - 04 cobra!!

    Post any input you have on this!!
  2. Yes it's been done, you can buy the parts from your Ford dealer... actually, you use to be able to, the Ford Thunderbird SC had a Supercharged 3.8L (yes same engine used in the V6 Mustang), if you own a 94-97 Mustang you can take the heads and blower off a old T-bird and bolt them right on to the mustang block. It wont work for the 98 or the 99+'s. At the moment New Age Tuning is working on making new heads with the blower for the 99+'s but it's still in the early stages of development. As I understand it Superchips has placed a bid to make the chip set for this new package. We *should* be able to buy this new setup by Summer or Fall of this year. I think 1 or 2 mustang 'test mules' are running around with this setup. There is no word on how much HP they are getting and how much torque.
  3. under pressure

    I've got a SuperCoupe and have often thought it would be awsome to swap the whole engine over to a mustang.
    You might be able to get away with using regular 3.8 heads for a while, but I would highly recommend the heads off an actual SuperCoupe (from '89-'95) or '89-'90 Cougar XR7 as they are stronger. Actually the easiest way would be to get the whole engine and just drop it in.

    In case you want to learn more about these engines go to

  4. Check out under the power adders forum or They are actually in the process of developing a kit to bolt on the eaton blower. They say it should be ready for sale very soon.

  5. they said that 2 years ago, im still waitin