Ebay Bumper What do you think?

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  1. I am thinking about ordering my cobra bumper from these guys but i am nervous. I was reading into their feed back and it seems that they take a long time to ship. Also they don't package their parts in boxes. They must just ship them in bubble wrap or something. Should i risk it? I haven't been able to find any other places that do this.

    If you know any places let me know!


  2. I dont know why everyone is so down on ebay all the time in here. Ebay is great I have not had one problem with it and I have like 86 positive feedback and not had one problem.

    If you pay through paypal and the item shows up and it is either broke or not what it says in the auction you get your money back. They have buyer protection on there. But make sure you go through ebay and paypal for the most secure transaction.

    I say you get your money back because you can file a dispute and if the matter is not resloved within a certain number of days paypal will take the money back out of the sellers account and give it back to the buyer.(I know happened to me)

    But just check out the feedback and maybe even give the company a call and talk to someone there...remember they are almost all legit companies on ebay and they are just trying to get their product noticed and sold...a lot of the companies ive bought from after the auction ends sends me to their companies site for the checkout so its all legit.
  3. I'm not against Ebay.

    I've ordered stuff from there before. Just nothing like this.
  4. yeah im not sure on that one either...becuase there are no pics but I would keep looking and then if you cant find something reconsider them.
  5. i asked them to send me a photo of the bumper so i could see what i'm ordering
  6. with a feedback score of over 1600 and 98.0% positive, i would feel pretty confident about getting it there, and if you read the ad it states that the bumpers ship 10-14 days after payment, so i would imagine 3 weeks til you get it.
  7. let me ask you guys does a 03-04 cabra bumper match up to a stock 02 GT? Also are they hard to replace?
  8. Also remember that they are in IL like you. Maybe it won't take long to ship. Or maybe go pick it up?
  9. I'm at the top of illinois and hes near the bottom. with the price of gas baing the way it is. It will probably be better for me if its shipped.
  10. that seems like a pretty good deal....if you do pick it up be sure to post pics....and let us know how good the paint job is
  11. I buy on Ebay all the time and you should be fine ordering this bumper. But your pretty much just getting the bumper, meaning you are going to have to shell out more money to get all the required pieces for the install. Such as the Fog Lights and Bezels, the black chin that comes at the bottom of these bumpers (a seperate piece), and the grille pieces if you do not already have a grille delete. I would reccommend just getting the whole kit from one company. Blue Oval Industries sells the 03-04' Cobra Bumper Kit for about the same price but unpainted. I have bought items from them before and they are awesome to deal with. I always get my orders FASTER than expected, like 2-3 days. Plus I would rather have the bumper painted with my car paint in mind when I take it to the painter, to get a good match.

    Heres the KIT on Blue Oval's site:


    But if you do go the Ebay route, that company is fine. I had a friend order from them with no problem.
  12. For $5 more screw i'll go with blue oval!

    I just need to find a place to paint the damn thing to match.

    Blinkstang what part of chicago are you from?

    Do you know any places where i could send my bumper to get painted?
  13. Im from the Northside of Chicago. I actually just got my bumper painted a few weeks ago, 99-01' Cobra bumper. I got it painted, license plate hole guides filled, and wetsanded (any rough spots) for $225. I got it done by an automotive painter on a local forum. She does awesome work and paints whole cars and all types of parts. She gets paintbooth time from a friend, so she is able to give good prices for the work. She also stands by the quality of the work, any problems and she will gladly take care of it.

    Heres a pic of my new bumper painted after I installed it:


    She is located right on the Indiana border, it was like 45min to and hour drive from my house, south past downtown. I just dropped off the bumper and picked it up when it was ready, then brought it home and put it on.

    I also had her paint my new spoiler, trunk lid, and had her fill two trunk holes with fiberglass. All came out great, I am going back and she is going to wetsand a few spots that she didnt have a chance to get to.

    Have you heard of CMC? The Chicagoland Mustang Club. If not, you should definetly check us out, great group of people and we have a bunch of Meets planned for the summer. We have one coming up towards the middle of May near Schaumburg. Heres a few pics from our last Meet and Greet a few weeks ago:

    View attachment 474039

    View attachment 474041



    Had over 100 Mustangs at the Meet. Site is http://chicagolandmustang.com I have the same screen name on that site as well. Go to the Forums section.

    If your interested in that painter I can PM you her info and how to get a hold of her, she is on a local site. You can PM her any questions and she will get you a quote, etc... I think she offers a discount too if you get referred, so if you do end up contacting her just tell her Blinkstang recommended you.


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  14. yeah, i think i want to contact her and see if i can ship her my new bumper. PM me any ifo i need in order to get a hold of her.

    Your bumper looks tight! BTW

    Do cops ever give you a hard time about the front plate missing?
  15. Yeah that would be a good idea, have it shipped straight from Blue Oval to her and then just pick it up. As for the front plate, I only got to drive my car around the city for two days before I had to go back to school. It all really depends on the cop. In the city they arent going to hassle you, its the suburbs where Id be leary. But most people with it off that on are on the local board have had no problems. If I do get pulled over, no way Im drilling 4 holes into my bumper. As long as your not driving like you stold the car, you should be fine.
  16. Cool,

    Hey whats that girls email address so i can talk to her and get an idea what she is going to charge me for the whole thing.