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  1. I got a great deal on a set of adjustable rear control arms on ebay. the problem is, i won about 2 weeks ago and have yet to hear from the seller. i emailed him 3 times, just wanting to confirm he received my payment and have yet to hear from him. what should i do? In the 3rd e-mail i threatened to file a complaint with ebay if i dont hear from him by friday night; which will be a little over 2 weeks. Am i overreacting? i mean why cant this guy have the frigging courtisy?!? this never happened to me before and i dont like the feeling that i'm gettin ***ed over.
  2. you are right but next time do what i do and wait until they send you notice before paying if you didn't do that. maybe he got in a wreck or is having issues. call ebay
  3. i have been in that situation many times with ebay sellers. i sell on ebay also. when a seller has your money they have a responsibility. if the estimated shipping duration isn't plainly stated in the item listing and it takes a lone time to get your item, you have every right to raise all the hell you want. business is business. if something unforeseen did happen to the seller i can understand them not being able to contact you, but that doesn't happen nearly as often as sellers will tell you. nine times out of ten it's just lazy sellers or a seller who has more business than they can handle. i have learned that if a seller is dragging their feet on their end of a deal, make them as miserable as possible. good luck getting your stuff man.
  4. very good point man, but this was a buy it now and as soon as i clicked on that button, i'm pretty sure the email was in my mailbox. i have everything, paypal receipt, emails, even an email from another buyer with the same issue from the same seller. maybe something happened.
  5. try calling ebay or something, did you get paypal insurance.
  6. 90lxfoxbody- i know! I sold my paintball gun on ebay years ago for a good 700 bucks and i kept in very close contact with the buyer. I emailed him everything i did when i did it. i felt that this kid gave up probolbly 3 years worth of allowance for it, and i understood. Nobody wants to be left in the dark.
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  7. If its been 2 weeks file a claim with paypal and ebay.
  8. 2 weeks today! I will report it tommorow night, if I dont see anything. But get this! The seller had 2 pairs of the control arms and i am contact with the other buyer, and he says the same thing...no e-mail response, no delivlery. I think we'll do this at the same time.
  9. dont give up. Have you called yet? A phone call can work wonders.
  10. Good luck. Paypal will probably only cover the first $50 if you used paypal. I bought windows xp for $75 last year and paypal refunded $50 of the $75 when the seller didn't send the item; ebay wouldn't do jack.

    I buy on ebay, but I definately check feedback real well now...
  11. Paypal got my back on some dynamatt. Make it known what you want. If not paypal will usually help you out some.