eBay/Paypal Auctionere Payment Setup - WTF!

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  1. Well, I finally found THE rims I want for my car, but the person selling them only wants to accept money orders/cashiers checks. I sent an email telling them that I would buy these RIGHT NOW if they had a Paypal account. I get the response that they aren't setup for them. No crap!

    My question is, why would someone refuse to setup a Paypal account if I am willing to give them $50 extra over the asking price for their rims just for their efforts? Mind you, no one had bid on these rims either since their being put up over five days ago.

    If I can't get this situation resolved, and I know this is asking a lot from anyone here on this site, but would anyone be willing to send a check for me if I transfered the money through Paypal to you? PM me, I can only ask.
  2. How many feed back they have?

    Paypal I think its a pain to take money out of the account
  3. mavin i tell you right now, don't do it.
    trust me on this, i have had some bad experiencs over ebay. one of the things i learned.

    don't be a sucker and use cahsier cheque or money orders.
    you basically give him money and he has no obligation to give you anything. and no one will help you once your ****ed.

    if you use paypal, they can only help you if you report it within 30 day period since you made the transaction. anything after that and you're screwed.

    use direct CC purchase over the phone for best results. CC companys will refund your money if you've been ripped. i've been ripped twice and i get my money abck everytime.

    feedback means nothing sometimes. hacks can give you a 1500 score and fake comments.

    not worth it if hes not willing to go with paypal or CC. what has he got to hide? 90% of ebay ppl uses paypal or CC. the other 10% are either crooks, or living in a cave.
  4. Point taken. I know of these scams. That's why I'm rying to get her to go Paypal or nothing. I realize that by asking someone to front me a bunch of cash I enter into a whole other realm of potentila litigation.

    I'm currently corresponding through email right now to try and work something out that either involves direct CC payment or Paypal, but this biotch is being quite difficult.

    Never mind on the asking for assistance here, I don't want anyone else here involved in trying to make her see the light.

  5. yah man, not worth it. i'd rather pay 100 more if i knew for sure i'd get my item.

    btw, ebay can't help when **** hits the fan. they do the duck and hide technique.
  6. what rims are you trying to buy? chances are there's at least one other person on ebay with a set thats willing to use paypal. just look around...
  7. Don't have a pic of them, but they are the 16" option alloy rims with the 98 Mustang (only chrome). The only place I found them at online, the guy was willing to come down $100 to $1200. I could get a nice set of Bullits and rubber for that amount!

    I'm just being frugal and trying to get rims that will fit my perfectly fine summer tires!

  8. Sorry you have had bad experiences on ebay.But i think if you know how to read the feedback and unique users you pretty much know who to use and who not to use.For someone to have 1500 positive feedback and have close to that many unique users would require 1400+ different email addresses to scam someone.I doubt it! If that were the case ebay would be outta buisness. Paypal or not you could get it in the end.I didnt take offense at you warning him but did about living in a [email protected]#$%^& cave. I think giving out cc numbers over the net is more dangerous.
  10. Actually that would be an rv by the lake.I have to ride a dirt bike to get to my mail box(inserts skoal in gums)my 73 rusted out charger with a conf/flag sticker is the newest thing on it and the smoke from it tells the neighbors wer ok and gets rid of the skeeeters.
  11. Honestly i didnt know pay-pal was that big a deal.
    I guess i need to join the 20th century and get it.
    Also whats the deal with this new fangled cellphone amajiggy.
    (hes says pearing between the milk crate furniture)
    I got :owned:
  12. to each his own i guess. i guess its not such a risk if i only have an 800 dollar CDN limit on my CC. but even so, its still fairly hard to get ripped when giving your CC to an online business. its less risky in my opinion over giving a money order. the CC can give you your monaaayyy back if anything happens.

    i was just using an extreme example about the 1500 feedback thing. someone with that much feedback would most likely accept paypal or CC anyways.
  13. are those the rims you are wanting to buy?

    if so, i just put rims on my car and i'm wanting to sell my 4 that came off
  14. No, those are the stockers 16" option. The ones I want are the same thing, but chrome.