Ebay Racing Seats And Mounting Brackets.

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  1. Ok. I bought a pair of ebay racing seats and they only came with the sliders and no mounting brackets. I contacted the seller and he said i need to get an aftermarket bracket to mount them to but i couldnt get him to recommend a set.

    Can anyone recommend a universal seat bracket so i can install these seats or can i use my stock ones?

    And yes i did a search but couldnt find a thread to answer my question.
  2. I would see if you can modify your stick ones. It might just be the case of drilling a couple of holes.

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  3. You sure you would trust that ebay seat in an accident?
  4. Im seriously thinking about that. Im not sure how successful im going to be with drilling thru a metal bracket . Ill let u know what i come up with. Any kind of idea what type of bit ill need for that?

  5. The mount point for the seat belt is in the frame of the car so i think ill be ok.
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  6. I bought planted seat brackets. They are are universal so they accept sliders from most seats.
  7. Summit and Jegs also sells brackets, ect.

  8. +1 on that, I think Corbeau makes a seat bracket too but I'm not sure if they make it for your year.

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