ebay wheel spacers?

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  1. I just picked up a set of 98 GT wheels w/245/45/17 tires. Theres a set of spacers on ebay for 66bucks that seem pretty good but id like to hear your opinions first. btw the spacers on 50resto wont work with my wheels b/c mine dont have the 1/4in deep indents in between each spoke. heres the link...


    if you guys know where i can pick up a set of good spacers at a good price let me know, thanks
  2. Those look like a sweet deal. The picture doesn't show hub centric spacers though. So, I hope that is just a generic picture that they are using. I would email or call them to find out for sure.
  3. yeah i was looking into those and i dont think that they are hub-centric and if they arent dont get them
  4. What does the hub centric mean, and with 245s is a 1" spacer about right?
  5. it means that it centers itself on the hub and doesnt rely on the lug nuts to center it makes it more stable... at least this is what i think
  6. I thought those were hubcentric?
  7. The ebay auction says that they are hub centric but the picture shows a wheel spacer with a smooth center. It should have a ring on the inner diameter that the wheel fits to which holds the wheel and centers it. This way the lugnuts only clamp the wheel onto the brake rotor which is fitted to the axle flange.