Eco Boost I4 Vs Fox

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  1. Are we doomed to be walked by 4 bangers?
  2. Some of you perhaps
  3. until i get around to modifying my fairmont, i am doomed to be walked by just about ANY four cylinder engine.
  4. mine is standing still, my nephews tricycle smokes it
  5. that new 4 cyl mustang puts out some pretty impressive numbers though
  6. If you do the math the GT will be about 3,700 lbs. and the 4cyl will be about 3,550lbs.
  7. that ecoboost should be able to take down a bolt on Fox 5.0
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  8. didnt we already have this coversation once already?
  9. I don't recall if it was further back than yesterday :thinking:
  10. quit snorting the mustard
  11. but its sooooooo goooooooooood
  12. Yep that's gonna be a mean little 4banger! Better numbers than our Fox cars had back in the day.

    Heavier car, but with the right gearing and a 6 six speed tranny it should be quite a "smile maker".

    Heck the little 1.6L Ecoboost in my wifes Escape keeps me smilin when I drive it.
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  13. HaHa I like it! Yeah I'm not too concerned either.;)

    Wellll, maybe at the gas pump.
  14. sorry didnt know
  15. From '93 until the mustang made 300 the mustsang couldn't keep up with it's competitors. Stock for stock we've been getting walked on from way back.
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  16. Stock 5.0 fox will get dismantled by pretty much anything on the road these days. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in denial
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  17. I for one would love to see a showdown between a HEALTHY stocker push rod 5oh and the Eco 4.

    I would expect that the 5oh would allowed suspension upgrades... If not, it would likely be an ass raping.
  18. I'd hate to see it.. A v8 needing $4k-5k worth of topend work to keep up w a 4cyl. Sad
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  19. I don't think that it would need all of that. Not if it were able to hook. It might surprise me but there's something to be said for having nearly 300 ft/lbs of torque Right Meow.
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