Eco Boost I4 Vs Fox

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  1. we are talking almost 30 years in technology guys. It is expected. Plus you are comparing a n/a motor to one with a power adder.

    That would be a nice little engine swap though- lose 200 lbs and get a better motor with more hp. Kind of like the old SVO idea of 85. Those easily made 300hp with the right tuning and parts.
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  2. Like I said, I could be surprised. The only thing that I have to compare it to is a Eco Taurus SHO that I drove for a week.

    What's different is that the near bone stock 89 that I have, makes you fell it in your gut when you smack the gas. The SHO could not produce that sensation.
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  3. It hasn't been until recently that ford came out w somethin on par or better than everyone else. In the 90's we were getting spanked by GM and in the early 2k's we were still getting spanked by GM but now we even had to look towards the aftermarket to try and hang with mitsubishi and Subaru 4 cyl turbo
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  4. This is true. It was a BMW M5 that parted me with the funds for my first blower.
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  5. I'm sorry, but I would rather have a $40k SN, than a $40k Coyote Mustang any day of the week. There is no comparison.

  6. revhead347, every time i see your avatar i think it's a 40mm grenade (same shape), what the hell is it?
  7. Hell, I'd like to have a $40 K Fox for that matter.

    :drool: The possibilities...
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  8. Ha! 'twas a 90 lx that got me mine

  9. Sounds like the good ole Thunderbird SC, those things were fast, but didnt feel like it
  10. But ya see, that's two different kinds of $40k. The guy driving the $40k new car is financing that bad boy and might not have enough left each month for much modifying. The other is an a-hole with a $40k toy.
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  11. You think it has much to do with the fox's chuck-wagon-esque type ride? Oh and I think it was me who made this thread the 1st go 'round. 205 horsepower V8 and a whopping 215 in 94... Still chaps my azz.
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  12. Mine rides more like a hay wagon
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  13. small turbo engines are def fun and have lots of potential. before i got into foxbodys i was a hardcore Honda guy and i had quite a few 350-400whp turbo street cars. their cheap to build, they rev to the pearly gates and back, they can be made reliable, you can mix and match almost any body style with any power plant most of the time with no more than engine mounts and engine harness, their good on gas, and parts are in almost endless supply. the only downside is they get stolen and stripped for parts all the time. honestly that is the main reason why i bought my foxbody. after my third car got stolen i decided it was time for a change. i bet you will see more and more small turbo engines in the coming years. hell Dodge/Ram just came out with a 4 cylinder diesel 1500 pickup truck that does 38mpg and still makes more power and torque than their 5.7l hemi does, only downside is it's not a cummins.
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  14. Who in here is going to be the first to do a Fox-Eco swap? :chin
  15. dont 90 vert with an aod put down 192rwhp before the hci swap,,lol added about 90hp to it. Will still get spanked by bone stock new mustangs, camaro's
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  16. Mustang....Pfffft....unless you've got a decent list of bolt ons, you'd better start looking out for a lot more than just Ecoboost Mustangs.

    As a guy who's driven both (my Coupe had an A/C delete and a catback only when I bought it), I can say with 100% certainty that a bone stock Fox in the hands of your average driver wouldn't stand a chance. My girlfriends Focus ST will have a stock '87-'98 Mustang LX/GT staring at her tailpipes in any sort of impromptu drag race....and have a '99-'04 Mustang GT looking to their side view wondering why they can't lose a stupid little Ford Focus. The Focus is easier to launch and has more nuts across the board than all but the '99-up cars. The biggest thing I have to worry about when pushing the ST is keeping the steering wheel in my hand.....the torque steer reminds me of driving an old 1st Gen Taurus SHO.

    Someone already done did dat....

  17. I have no fricken idea. I didn't put it there. I don't pay too much attention to these things. I got face herpes like 5 years ago, and some mod decided it should go next to my avatar. Some sort of outside joke I'm not privy to.

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  18. hahaha
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  19. Yeah it's kinda a kick in the balls. I blew my whole wad on that vortech and now maybe I can beat a
    neon srt.
  20. You two guys are both soooo close to being over the top. All "mikestang63" needs is a blower and drag radials added to that machine to make it untouchable to most.
    All you "90lxwhite" needs is a nice HCI package and drag radials with that new blower.
    An HCI/blower Fox with good tires is hard to beat on the street! Once you get it to around 450-500rwhp with grip there's not much you can't outrun on the street.
    Remember those new cars are heavy,, and running on OEM street tires. LOL

    You don't have to buy new stuff either. You can save alot of money buying used parts. There's plenty of good used blowers and HCI's over on the Corral and on Craigslist.
    Not sure how much money I saved but my intake, heads, and blower were all used.

    The high dollar guys driving around in those new expensive cars look down on us 20-25 year old Mustangs. All our old cars can be sleepers. Mine is,,,I like to teach them a lesson.
    All isn't always what it seems;)

    Lets teach them some lessons Fellas!!
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