Electrical Economy To Mach 360

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  1. if i want to go from a normal economy system in my mustang gt to a mach 360 what all does it entail because i dont believe the wiring is the same from one to another. is it even worth the trouble i mean i have this complete mach system sitting here. you tell me. Thanks guys
  2. Not in my opinion. There is much better aftermarket stuff available for a lower cost. Not to mention that any Mach 460 system you are likely to acquire is going to be at least a decade old. Speakers do dry up over time.

  3. You can't go to the Mach 460 from the base system, the wiring just isn't there. For all the effort of rewiring the system you could install a better system. Now, if you had Premium sound then you could add the Mach 460 without difficulty. I like the Mach 460 system, and with an aftermarket radio and some sound deadening in the doors it's a decent system.

    If you want the Mach 460 look, you can buy the plastic parts on eBay and put aftermarket parts inside.
  4. I didn't know they sold the parts like that. That's awesome.

  5. Well, not from Ford as far as I know, but there are plenty of sellers on eBay that part out wrecked Mustangs. I don't have any links, but I remember someone who removed their Mach to install an aftermarket system but kept the plastic housings for an OEM look.
  6. you have to get them from a auto recycler. i bought the ones i have on a whim and figured maybe i would use them but looks like now i will just go with aftermarket speakers + an amp and possibly splice the window speakers just cause they look nicer than those covers
  7. I'd check the nearest pick n' pull and pull the housins. I like the look of the mach 460 really, I'd get it (which I have it) only if I were restoring the car to a higher 'luxury' in a way version of the car. Kinda show room stocker.
    It does sound pretty good for as old as it is, but aftermarket is better.