ECT sensor replacement/thermostat Q's

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by dbizzay, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. After pulling the codes on my car, I need to change my ECT sensor (engine coolant temperature sensor). Where is this sensor located? The guy who owned the care before me put in a cooler thermostat as well. Should I return to the stock stat when I install then new ECT sensor?

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  3. first, when you pulled the codes, was the engine at normal operating temp??

    you should not go below a 180* thermostat.

    the ECT is located on the top front right side of the engine. it has 2 wires on the connector.
  4. Yup, I ran the test right after I'd driven the car for about 25 minutes.
    Thanks for the help!
  5. Should be right on the top of the engine, there will be a connector on it to the harness. Looks like the ACT when you pull it out. You should be able to see coolant when you take it out.
  6. Does your temp gauge work? I would think if that sensor is bad your gauge would show it.

  7. You must have misread what he wrote, judging by your huge post count. He is talking about the ECT sensor, not the temp. guage sending unit on the opposite side of the front of the intake. When the ECT goes bad the engine will not go into closed loop operation. My ECT's ohm out at 30ohms cold and 0 ohms hot. They complete the ciruit for closed loop operation when the engine warms up. Did you get any other codes? You will find the ECT on a steel water pipe on the pass. side front of the intake. As stated coolant will come out. Just have the new one ready and a rag to soak up spills.
  8. LOL. Yes I did. I was wondering why someone mentioned it having 2 wires on it. I was thinking mine just has one. LOL. Thanks for seeing that and setting me straight.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys! Hopefully I dont get coolant on my polished valve covers!!

    As far as the thermostat, what temp is the stock one?
  10. One more Q, would the ****ty ECT be robbing me of any power? Or would it just be ****ing up my warm starts?
  11. it could rob you of power. the computer uses that as well as other sensors for fuel mixture and timing.
  12. I'd get the ect working, and then see what happens to drivability before I messed with the t'stat. If it still appears to be running to cool, then you can explore the t'stat question.